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Quote1.png You are a traitor to me...and to your race. You are no longer a daughter of mine...And if I find you...I will kill you. So wherever you are... ...pray we never meet again. Quote2.png
-- Super-Skrull

Appearing in "Jaded: Episode 3"

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Synopsis for "Jaded: Episode 3"

The She-Hulk has dropped off Rocky Davis to a police station in Brooklyn, New York and collects her bounty. After a rather annoying exchange with the desk officer, she and Jazinda take Davis around back and turn him over to the police. When Jazinda (disguised as Jennifer Walters) brings in Rocky, he hits on her, which she finds odd. Jen explains it to her, and they head for home. Soon they arrive at home, Dona Littles' Trailer Park. When they arrive, their arrival is met with cheers from the local children. As Jazinda shapeshifts to a human form. Jennifer has a surprise for all the children, giving them the Absorbing Man's wrecking ball. She-Hulk then checks in with Dona Little and her daughter Roz. Learning that her motorcycle has been looked after during her absence, She-Hulk rushes off to ride on it. Meanwhile, Jazinda notes that Roz has been moody and asks why. Dona brushes it off as the moodiness of the typical teenager.

Later, She-Hulk arrives at Freeman Bonding Inc to collect her fee. After dealing with Pierce, the snooty receptionist, she get time with Emilee Freeman, her boss. Emilee introduces her to Mister Park from Providence Insurance to talk about the damage done to the Mall of America. Regardless of the fact that Jennifer was attacked by the Absorbing Man, Providence Insurance has a huge issue with paying for the damages. Park explains that he will be suggesting to their managers to cease covering Freedman Bonding if they continue to employ She-Hulk. However, Emilee refuses to do so and Park leaves to tell his bosses of this. When Jen offers to resign from her job, Emilee tells her she doesn't have to and she will handle this situation. Back at the trailer park, Jazinda decides to talk to Roz to find out what is wrong. Jazinda learns that Roz believes that her father hates her, as he is always short-tempered and critical. That she just wants to be hugged by her father and told that he loves her.

While back in the city, She-Hulk has stepped into O'Shea's Irish Pub for a drink. There she is hit on by an Irishman named Bran. He manages to charm her quickly into a sense of false security when he suddenly pulls out a detonator and activates a bomb that blows up the bar. When She-Hulk pulls herself out of the rubble she is furious but finds that her attacker has fled the scene. Back at the trailer park, a police officer comes to the home of the Little's. When Terrance Little, and tells him that his daughter is dead. The causes Terrance to break down in tears devastated to hear the news. In the city, She-Hulk begins pulling people out of the rubble. Ironically enough, she saves the life of Mister Park who was trapped under rubble. Soon after she tells everything she knows to the police about the man who blew up the bar. After making her statements, she is approached by Mr. Park who thanks her for saving his life by conveniently forgetting his recommendations to cancel Freeman Bonding's insurance policy.

Meanwhile at the trailer park, Terrence is shocked when Dona and Roz return safe and sound. The sight of his daughter brings him to tears and he hugs the teenager, telling her how much he loves her. Outside, the "police officer" is watching from a distance, this is actually Jazinda who returns to her normal form. Back inside her RV, she plays a tape from her father -- Kl'rt the Super-Skrull. He tells her that she is a traitor to her race and vows that he will one day track her down and end her life.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Want to know what's up with She-Hulk? This is the issue to find out: Visit her new home. Meet her new neighbors. Say hello to her new boss.
  • And share her first encounter with the man who may become her new love interest...or her greatest enemy...or possibly both.


Continuity Notes

  • Jazinda states that both worlds that she lived on, Tarnax IV and Zaragz'na, have been destroyed. Tarnax was destroyed by Galactus in Fantastic Four #257. While Zaragz'na was one of many Skrull worlds in the Andromeda Galaxy that was destroyed by the Annihilation Wave in Annihilation #16.

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