Quote1 Whether she wants to admit it or not...She-Hulk's a hero. I'm not. Quote2
-- Jazinda

Appearing in "The Whole Hero Thing: Conclusion"

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Synopsis for "The Whole Hero Thing: Conclusion"

In Allentown National Park, the She-Hulk finds herself in battle with a Badoon bounty hunter named Kodor in order to protect a Forma royal named Cazon. Kodor suddenly recognizes Jennifer as a member of the Magistrati and tries to explain his situation for her. However, She-Hulk had quit the organization and resumes her attack. However, their fight has taken them to the spot where Cazon slew Tanya Ryan and Jazinda. Kodor explains that the real menace is Cazon. Elsewhere in the woods, Cazon has taken Larry Ryan as prisoner. Larry begs the alien to kill him as he has no will to live with his wife dead. Cazon is confused by this way of thinking and shoots Larry in the shoulder. He then questions Larry's notions of self-sacrifice, pointing out that they are foolish. Suddenly, he spots the Badoon's ship hovering overhead and decides to use it to facilitate his escape. Using his powers to levitate himself and his prisoner, Cazon is forced to knock out Larry when he tries to struggle free.

Meanwhile, She-Hulk cradles the body of Jazinda, regretting the harsh words they had before they parted company. As she does so, Kodor uses a device to re-animate Tanya's body so he can learn where Cazon went. However, Tanya is too hysterical to tell him anything useful, especially when the alien tells her that her reanimation is only temporary. But, when he tries to shoot her, She-Hulk ruins his shot. She tells him to show some compassion, but their argument is stopped dead when Jazinda suddenly gets up alive. This is a shock as She-Hulk is sure she was dead. Jazinda tells her that she was merely in a regenerative coma, but Jennifer doesn't buy it. When she asks Kodor if he reanimated her as well, he denies doing anything. Suddenly, Tanya begins calling for her husband. Suddenly, they spot Larry tied to the front of the Badoon ship stolen by Cazon. While Kodor is satisfied with shooting the ship out of the sky, She-Hulk won't allow harm to come to Larry and has the Badoon throw her up onto the ship.

Jennifer tries to force Cazon to land but he resists. When he tries to fly into space, Jennifer uses her body to block the rocket, causing the engine to die out. As the ship begins to fall, She-Hulk frees Larry and dives into a nearby lake. When the ship crashes, Cazon tries to make a run for it, but is caught by Kodor. Tanya grabs a gun and tries to kill Cazon for murdering her, but She-Hulk stands in the way, saying that murdering Cazon would make her no better than he and that he needs to go out and face justice. Tanya is then briefly reunited with her husband Larry, telling him to look after her children before her body disintegrates. Cazon is confused as to why She-Hulk spared his life, Kodor points out that she is a hero. However, Jazinda says she isn't a hero and impales the Forma criminal through the chest, killing him instantly. With Cazon now dead, she tells Jennifer that she'll be waiting in the car.

Solicit Synopsis

  • As the battle between an Alien Bounty Hunter and an Intergalactic Fugitive rages on around them, She-Hulk and her new partner must try to defend the innocent lives caught in the crossfire.
  • Finally, Jen will re-learn what it means to be a hero – at a terrible cost.

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