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Quote1.png She survived! That's her real crime, isn't it? Your son, your pride and joy, died, and Jazinda lived, and that's what you can't forgive her for! Every time you look at her, you see the son you lost! Don't pretend this is about her! It's about you! You're too gutless to live with the daughter who was resourceful enough to survive! Because you keep thinking that maybe if you'd trained your son better, he'd still be alive! You see your own failure in her! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Fathers and Daughters, Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Fathers and Daughters, Part 2"

She-Hulk and her partner Jazinda have captured the Skrull Talisman known as Nogor in an attempt to stop the Secret Invasion of Earth. However, the situation has become more complicated when they are attacked by Jazinda's father, Kl'rt the Super-Skrull, who has been seeking out his daughter in order to kill her. This has led to a battle in the air between She-Hulk and the Super-Skrull. They soar into the path of a commercial airliner that is flying by. When the Kl'rt throws her at it, Jennifer changes back to human form so she can harmlessly run across it's hull and leap back onto her foe, changing back into her She-Hulk form. She demands to know why the Super-Skrull wants to see his own daughter dead. He tells her that her daughter has broken Skrull law and brought shame to him and that is punishable by death. He explains how years ago she was on a mission to steal the Sy-Torak Gem back from the Kree. During her mission she was caught by Kree soldiers and was forced to swallow the gem to try and get away with it. She then unleashed a powerful blast of energy that killed the soldiers. From then, the jewel was bound to Jazinda and therefore she failed in her mission.

As the battle rages, the ship that Jazinda and Nogor were on crashes into a lake. The gem inside Jazinda's body resurrects her and she turns into a fish in order to swim to the surface. Nogor recovers from the crash and turns into a shark to chase after her. Meanwhile, the battle between She-Hulk and Super-Skrull returns to the ground. She berates him for condemning his daughter, but Kl'rt won't listen. He gains the advantage against his foe by turning invisible. She-Hulk continues to question his motives, pointing out that Jazinda is the only child he has left after the death of his son. This angers the Super-Skrull, who renews his attack. Kl'rt then uses his Human Torch powers to flash blind She-Hulk. Just then, Jazinda and Nogor come out of the water, fighting each other by changing into various animals. Jazinda stops playing around and returns to her humanoid form and prepares to shoot the Talisman. However, before she can pull the trigger, the Super-Skrull gets the drop on her and forces her gun to her temple.

Nogor tells Super-Skrull to pull the trigger and he can remove the Sy-Torak gem before it can revive her. However, She-Hulk recovers and tries one last appeal to the Super-Skrull. She tells him that he is not unlike her own father who tried to destroy her once upon a time. When She-Hulk reverts to human form to show who she really is, Kl'rt shoots her, but Jennifer turns back into the She-Hulk quick enough to take the blast. She-Hulk finally realizes that Kl'rt wants to kill his daughter because she survived where his son died and is taking it out on her. Still, despite this truth, Kl'rt shoots Jazinda dead. However, he prevents Nogor from removing the gem by protecting his daughter with an invisible force field. He then whips Nogor away. He tells Jennifer that when his daughter revives, she should explain that the Talisman spared her, but that Nogor is now under his protection. When She-Hulk suggests that he loves his daughter, Kl'rt says to tell her anything but that and flies away.

Solicit Synopsis

  • He may have helped Nova and the Guardians save the universe twice, but now the Super-Skrull is out for blood…the blood of his own daughter!
  • Can She-Hulk prevent the murder of her partner, or will Jazinda’s infamous father use this summer’s alien invasion to do his dirty work?


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