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Quote1.png Jennifer...this president of theirs is a cruel dictator with the blood of thousands of his people on his hands. When you are alone with him...reach into your savage heart...and end him. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Lady Liberators, Part 2"

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  • Skrull craft

Synopsis for "Lady Liberators, Part 2"

The Lady Liberators have accompanied She-Hulk to the earthquake ravaged nation of Marinmer. As they liberate the food and medical supplies kept at the airport by the country's ruler Darqon Par, they are confronted by the Winter Guard. The Guard have been sent on behalf of the Russian government to protect the interests of Darqon Par. When neither side is willing to stand down, the two groups end up fighting. The Invisible Woman tries to keep them at bay with a force field, but she is quickly incapacitated by a sonic blast from the Crimson Dynamo. As Thundra battles the Dynamo, Valkyrie battles Red Guardian, leaving Ursa Major for She-Hulk.

The battle soon begins to turn as the Winter Guard members are taken down by the Liberators thanks to some cover fire from Jazinda who attacks from inside her ship. With no other choice, Red Guardian orders Darkstar to open a miniature black hole to dispose their foes. As the women struggle to stay anchored, the Red Guardian points out that a foolish action like this could lead to a world war. However, She-Hulk refuses to allow the government of Marinmer commit an act of genocide. As things begin looking grim, some refugees from the earthquake come to the airport seeking help to dig people out of the rubble. The Crimson Dynamo trains his weapons on the people, warning them to stay back. She-Hulk points out that these innocent people are the victims of the cruel dictator that runs this country. This strikes a chord with the Red Guardian who orders the Winter Guard to stand down and help the people.

Soon the Lady Liberators and the Winter Guard are digging out survivors and distributing supplies. However, there is much tragedy and the woman are deeply upset when one of the refugees finds that her child was killed in the earthquake. As the relief efforts continue, a representative of the government arrives with an army and informs them that their leader wishes to negotiate a deal with the She-Hulk. Even though this is probably a trap, She-Hulk accepts the offer. Thundra recommends that Jennifer kill the dictator when she has a chance. She-Hulk tells her that it is on her to-do list.

Solicit Synopsis

  • It’s Marvel’s fighting females vs. Russia’s #1 super team!
  • Charging into a land in desperate need of their help, the Lady Liberators collide with the Winter Guard!
  • That’s right, She-Hulk is fighting a bear on the cover – but that’s no average bear, Boo Boo…it’s Ursa Major! And he’ll get no picnic basket from special guest-stars Valkyrie, Thundra and the Invisible Woman!


Continuity Notes

  • She-Hulk mentions the last time she fought the Winter Guard. She fought them in Hulk (Vol. 2) #1.

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