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Quote1.png Well, forget it! You hear me? I was a lawyer, I know the game, and I'm not playing it! Just because I was in the wrong doesn't mean I wasn't right! ... Okay, I admit that sounded better in my head! But the point remains valid! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Heroic Proportions, Part 1"

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  • She-Hulk's R.V.
  • Limo

Synopsis for "Heroic Proportions, Part 1"


In the middle of a storm the She-Hulk is up against the massive form of the Behemoth...


Shackled before the United Nations, She-Hulk explains her motivations for interfering with the situation in earthquake-ravaged Marinmer. She chastises the assembly for their inaction, saying that she will accept whatever punishment they have for her knowing that she did the right thing. The assembly then begins to applaud her, but this is all a dream, and Jennifer is snapped back to reality with an announcement that her lawyer is here to see her.

In reality, She-Hulk has been locked up by the Justice Department for violating international borders. She is surprised because she hadn't hired a lawyer and assumes that this is some lawyer picked by the government. However, she is stopped mid rant when she discovers that the lawyer in question is none other than Mallory Book of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg and Book. However instead of coming to bask in the fall of her rival, Mallory tells Jen that she has come to represent her in court.


The Behemoth continues to pound on She-Hulk, asking if she and her friends laughed about his defeat at her hands back when he was the armored Man-Elephant. When She-Hulk says he never came up in conversation, this angers the Behemoth anew and he resumes his beating.


She-Hulk is shocked to see that Mallory has come and even more dumbfounded when Book tells her that she is free to go. Jennifer has a hard time accepting it and Book gets fed up, telling her that she is leaving in a limo in five minutes and if Jen fails to be there she will leave without them. Not believing that her release could come so easily, She-Hulk is surprised to find it true and joins Mallory in her limo. Once inside the limo, Mallory explains that she is going to represent Jennifer in court and win because she is the greatest lawyer ever. She also drops another bombshell: She is also going to try to get Jennifer's law license back.


The Behemoth continues to overpower the She-Hulk, much to his disappointment as he thought she would be a stronger opponent. She tries to tell him that she has no need to battle him as she is a bounty hunter now and has no bounty on him. However, some of the children in the trailer park watch the fight and tell her to keep fighting. This prompts the Behemoth to toss his opponent against an RV. When this doesn't cause any damage to the vehicle, the Behemoth begins to realize that he is not fighting the real She-Hulk and demands to know who this woman is.


As Mallory Book's limo takes Jennifer across town, Mallory shows her the newspaper headlines that hail She-Hulk as a hero. The news cycle has been praising her and nobody cares about the fact that she broke the law. When they arrive at Timely Plaza She-Hulk finds herself swarmed by reporters who bombard her with questions. Mallory Book steps in and tells the reporters that Jennifer will answer their questions at a later date and escorts her into the building. When She-Hulk arrives in the offices of GLK&B she is greeted by a warm welcome from all her old co-workers, including the Two-Gun Kid.

Meanwhile, Emilee Freeman of Freeman Bonding, Inc. tries to call Jennifer to offer her a new job to round up a supervillain called Femme Fatale. However, Jazinda is there to answer the phone and shapeshifts into She-Hulk so she can take the job. While back at the offices of GLK&B, Book offers Jennifer a chance to come back and work for the firm, pointing out that it will give the company a huge boost, saying that everything that happened before is all in the past.

Not sure what to do, She-Hulk calls Jazinda to tell her the news. The Skrull woman is excited, but mentions the bounty job but tells Jen not to worry about it, she has it covered. When the call ends, Jazinda believes that she is going to lose Jen. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door and the person knocking asks for the She-Hulk. Jazinda shape-shifts into the form of her best friend to answer the door, and that's when she is attacked by the Behemoth.


Now knowing that he is not fighting the real She-Hulk, the Behemoth demands to know who this impostor really is. He begins to violently beat Jazinda until she loses consciousness and reverts back to her normal form. The Behemoth is surprised to see that he had been fighting a Skrull. He tells the children watching the fight to call the authorities, and when they hail him as a hero, he agrees with them that he is a hero.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Our Gamma-irradiated emerald beauty is facing a United Nations inquiry, and they’re throwing the book at her… Mallory Book that is.
  • Will she pay for the crime of heroism? Will she be forever called a Menace to Society? And hey… didn’t she used to have a friend who was one of those “Secret Invader” types?
  • To everyone’s surprise, old friends—and old enemies—arrive with new developments to complicate She-Hulk’s life.


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