Quote1.png Quail, Elephant Man. before the might of Thundra! (...) There exists a man who doesn't know my name to quail at it? We can't have that! There must be quailing! Serious quailing! Quote2.png
-- Thundra

Appearing in "Heroic Preportions, Part 2"

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  • Revolver


  • RV (Mentioned)
  • Truck

Synopsis for "Heroic Preportions, Part 2"

After assisting the earthquake ravaged nation of Marinmer, the She-Hulk has returned to the United States accused of violating international borders. However, things are starting to look up for the heroine as she is now being represented by her old rival, Mallory Book, who has also offered to get her law license and old job back. As it is pouring rain, Book insists that Jennifer stay at the guest suite inside Timely Plaza. Jen is shocked by the grandeur of the room. But suddenly she is stunned by a telepathic message from Jazinda. Needing Jen to talk to her privately, Jazinda has her send Mallory away so thy can talk. Jazinda warns She-Hulk that she has been caught and is about to be experimented upon by the United States government. She warns Jennifer to deny any knowledge of the fact she knew that Jazinda was a Skrull in order to avoid getting arrested for harboring an illegal alien. Jazinda apologizes for not being a better friend, but their contact is cut off when the doctors examining her begin giving her shock treatments.

In a panic, She-Hulk wonders what she should do and so she puts in a call to her friend the Invisible Woman. Sue agrees to use her connections the Fantastic Four has with the government to figure out where Jazinda is being held, but they are at odds about what to do with it. When agents from the NSA come to question her, Jennifer quickly ends her call with Sue. When they ask her if she knew about the Skrull that was impersonating her, She-Hulk plays dumb. Meanwhile, at the government facility, the scientists examining Jazinda kill her with the electric jolts. However, when she springs back to life moments later, head Doctor Knox tells his subordinates to get a loaded gun so he can explore this further. At that moment, Mallory and She-Hulk find themselves being transported to the facility where Jazinda is being held. The NSA agents continue to question her about her knowledge of the Skrull they captured, but Jennifer continues to play dumb.

Back in the lab, the doctors discover that each time they kill Jazinda it takes longer for her to come back to life. From the observation room, the NSA agents bring Mallory and She-Hulk to watch the experimentation. They question Jazinda who insists that nobody knew of her deception. However, when the doctors prepare to kill her again, She-Hulk can't help but leap through the glass to free her friend. No sooner is she on the ground does Manfred Haller reveals himself to her and transforms into the Behemoth. He charges at her, slamming her through the wall, taking them both outside of the facility. Before the Behemoth can resume his attack he is confronted by the Lady Liberators who have arrived to lend Jennifer a hand. While Thundra deals with the Behemoth, the others go back into the facility to rescue Jazinda. Utilizing Sue's invisibility powers, they are able to get Jazinda free from the operating table and she in turn disguises herself as the Behemoth to get away. Retreating back outside, She-Hulk pummels the Behemoth into unconsciousness. In the aftermath of the battle, she thanks the Lady Liberators for their help.

They are soon confronted by Mallory Book who informs She-Hulk that after this stunt there will be no salvaging her legal career. However, she believes that she can get She-Hulk out of her legal troubles and tells her and her allies to flee while they can. Much later, Mallory meets with the heads of Fourth Wall Enterprises to inform them that the She-Hulk project is a bust and that it should be scrapped immediately. Considering this, the heads of this organization are disappointed that this project has ended prematurely, they are sure that they will continue to assure that the Fourth Wall remain unbroken.

Solicit Synopsis

  • SHE-HULK R.I.P.! She's been savage. She's been sensational. She's been an avenger. She's been a lawyer. She's been a bounty-hunter.
  • But there's one thing She-Hulk has always been, in all of her many series... cancelled. But it hasn't stopped her yet!
  • In this oversized final issue, Peter David brings his run on the Jade Giantess to a close... but can Jen use her last remaining pages to save her friends from a truly mammoth threat? Catch her now, before someone turns her red!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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