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Jen Walters

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Synopsis for "I'M with Cupid"

On an alien world, the Eternal known as Starfox celebrates his victory against insectoid creatures by having a romantic moment with a young woman before her father chases him off the farm. Eros then goes to a bar somewhere in space and parties with a large group of women. Later that evening, he finds himself back on Earth where he beds yet another woman. After he is finished the deed, Eros decides to take off, telling the woman it was great. However, the woman begins to cry, horrified by what she has done.

One Week Later

The woman in question was Christina Garvey, a married woman, who later files sexual assault charges against Starfox. The courthouse has become a media frenzy as a result of the accusations. Representing Eros, is his former teammate Jennifer Walters, also known as the She-Hulk. When questioned by reporters, Starfox makes the error saying that the woman accusing him wanted it, not realizing how that will damage his case. She-Hulk thinks back to how she got back into this situation...

Hours earlier, She-Hulk was in the unfortunate position of answering her friend the Thing as to why he is being sued by Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway. She has to explain that the firm is now representing supervillains, including Ben's one-time foe the Cauldron. The Thing can't believe what he is hearing and storms out of the office. Jennifer is frustrated by the number of clients the firm is taking on that are supervillains. When she goes into the lunchroom she discovers, much to her aggravation, that the Gibbon is eating her lunch. She-Hulk decides to hide out in her office. It was then that Starfox came knocking at her window looking for legal representation...

Later, when Jennifer returns home she is told some good news by her roommate Augustus Pugliese: at least when Starfox made his inflammatory comments, it was after the jury was sequestered. To try and cheer Jen up, Pug has rented her favorite movie and got her favorite ice cream. Later, Pug is about to tell Jennifer how he really feels about her when suddenly John Jameson comes over, spoiling the chance. Hiding his hurt, Pug decides to leave the couple alone for the night so they can catch up. The following morning, Awesome Andy is getting up to go on his daily secret mission. Suspicious, the Two-Gun Kid decides to secretly follow Andy to find out what he is up to. He follows Andy to Atlas Towers where he spies through Mallory Book's window. Not understanding what is going on, he assumes that there is some kind of relationship going on between Mallory and Andy. However, when Mallory sees him she explains that Andy means nothing to him, breaking the android's heart. Embarrassed, Two-Gun apologizes for the intrusion and wants to make it up, so Mallory asks him out to dinner.

Later that morning, John Jameson is upset when Jennifer transforms into the She-Hulk before heading off to court. Upset that he still has issues with her being the She-Hulk, she tells John that if he can't accept this part of her that perhaps they shouldn't be seeing each other. Meanwhile, at Timely Plaza, Pug wakes up on the couch in his office to the sound of a strange buzzing coming from Mr. Zix's office. Inside, Zix is having a conference with ISAAC, the sentient computer of the Eternals of Titan. ISAAC expresses the dissatisfaction of Mentor, his creator and the father of Starfox. However, Zix insists that the trial must happen on Earth and warns Mentor not to overstep his authority. With no other recourse, ISAAC ends the call just as Pug bursts into the office. Augustus has so many questions about the connections that Arthur has, and how the firm is representing supervillains now, however, Zix deflects his questions. Suddenly, they are interrupted by the arrival of She-Hulk. Following behind is John Jameson, who is trying to get her to stop and talk about things. At the same time, Mallory Book discovers that Andy is ignoring her after what she said in front of him earlier.

The situation suddenly explodes when Two-Gun Kid arrives with Starfox in custody. When Eros spots Awesome Andy, he attacks, not knowing that the android has reformed. After knocking down Andy, he sees and attacks Mallory's client, the Grizzly and has to be pulled off the villain. When he learns that John Jameson is She-Hulk's boyfriend, Eros remarks how great they look together. As he leaves the couple they suddenly patch up their argument, apparently more in love than ever. Starfox then approaches Mallory and calms her by saying Andy will be okay. When he asks if she cares about the android, she says she does, a lot. However, when the Eternal tries his charm on Mr. Zix, he discovers that for some reason, it doesn't work. Mallory then checks on Andy and he admits that he has fallen in love with her. Miss Book surprises Andy when she tells him that she feels the same way. After Jennifer and John patch things up, she takes Starfox to his trial.

Once in court, the judge sternly warns the defense that even though this is a superhero trial, he will not tolerate the sort of shenanigans that typically ensue. Pug assures the judge that this won't happen. Noticing that the plaintiff, Christina Garvey, is a married woman with children, Pug insists that Jennifer will have to be the one to discredit her and stresses how important it is that she focuses on this task. Jen assures him that she has her mind on the job, however she has spent the past few minutes doodling a picture of John Jameson professing his love for her.

Solicit Synopsis

  • She-Hulk’s firm is dealing with their first superhuman sexual assault case. Their client? Eros of Titan, the space-faring Avenger called Starfox!
  • And when emotions get over-heated at the office-- expect a love triangle or two to finally come to a head!
  • What will this mean for Pug, She-Hulk, and John Jameson? And who (or what) is Awesome Andy falling for?!


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