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Synopsis for "Titanium Blues"

She-Hulk, Angie Huang, and Hellcat have returned to Brooklyn to discover that Jennifer's old foe Titania has broken into her office and now holds the mysterious blue file that Jen gave up on a short while ago. When She-Hulk tries to tell Titania that she isn't going to look into the file any further, Jennifer is hit so hard she is sent flying through a number of walls. Before She-Hulk can recover, Titania grabs her by the leg and then throws her high above Manhattan, sending her crashing down in the New Jersey Palisades. There she is helped up by some hikers, who she orders to flee just as Titania is coming down from the sky. She-Hulk then leads Titania on a chase until they reach Breakneck Mountain in the Hudson Valley. Titania believes this is far enough and the two begin battling it out. MacPherran explains how she was hired to eliminate her old foe in order to stop her from digging for the truth about the blue file.

Titania gains the advantage in battle until She-Hulk manages to headbutt her. Before the battle can resume, She-Hulk is blasted by Titania's long time friend Volcana. Despite this sneak attack, She-Hulk manages to turn the battle around on her two attackers. That's when Hei Hei appears and jumps on Titania's face. Annoyed by this attack, she throws the little monkey high into the air. Jen takes advantage of this situation and begins pounding on Titania. Volcana is distracted long enough for Hellcat to get the drop on her and strike her across the face with a crowbar. Looking up in the sky, She-Hulk sees that Angie brought her friends here in the Fantasti-Car. When Volcana tries to blast Angie, she surprises everyone by using magical powers to rechannel the volcanic blast back at her foe. She-Hulk continues to pound Titania until Hei Hei returns -- has grown to massive size and wings. She-Hulk allows Hei Hei to beat her senseless. In the aftermath of the battle, She-Hulk wonders why the two villains came after them since she had abandoned her research on the blue file.

Angie admits that she was the one who continued to look into the file. Upset by this, She-Hulk fires Huang on the spot. Angie accepts this, but tells her that she figured out who was responsible: Nightwatch. From his home, Nightwatch observes this scene through a mystical projection and is unhappy to learn that the truth has finally been discovered.

Solicit Synopsis

• At long last, it’s all come down to this: THE BLUE FILE revealed!

• Titania vs She-Hulk

• Angie Huang, no more?!

• Eep eep!

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