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She-Hulk (Jen Walters)
Let's just come back tomorrow. This is crazy.
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Hellcat (Patsy Walker)
Why don't you just go, then?! You're like all my other friends. You never support me!
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Synopsis for "...And?"

She-Hulk has just set up her private law practice in Brooklyn, but she begins to panic once she starts to consider her expenses and how she does not have a single client yet. The only active case she has is the mysterious blue file which she brought with her from her former firm. It is a lawsuit filed by George Saywitz in the state of North Dakota naming Doctor Druid, Tigra, Spectrum, the Shocker, Nightwatch, Vibro, herself, and her former boyfriend Wyatt Wingfoot. Her review of the file is interrupted when she is visited by her landlord Sharon King. Sharon has come to give Jennifer a tour of her building, which rents out office space to superhumans exclusively. When Jennifer explains how hard it was to find office space anywhere else, Sharon could relate, telling her that she used to be a mutant prior to M-Day. After showing her around, she sees Jen off to the reception room where there are people waiting to interviews for the position of paralegal in Jennifer's practice. She checks in and finds a number of people waiting for her. However, when she goes to grab a cup of coffee and comes back, everyone has fled except for one woman and her pet monkey.

Taking the woman back to her office, Jennifer is introduced to Angie Huang and her monkey Hei Hei. She is willing to overlook Angie's insistence that Hei Hei must accompany her at all time due to her impressive resume. She then welcomes Ms. Huang to her team. When Angie settles down in her desk, she asks if there is anything she can do, particularly regarding the blue file. Jennifer insists that it is entirely hers and tells her that there is no pressure to get busy. She-Hulk then starts calling around to former clients to see if she can get some work with them. However, her former employers at Paine and Luckberg have been calling around warning potential clients to avoid her after she quit their firm. By four o'clock in the afternoon, She-Hulk has given up on the day and calls it quits for the day. She calls up her old friend Patsy Walker to go out with drinks. She explains her current situation and how she can only run her business for eight months and is in desperate need of clients. When Patsy asks why she hadn't saved any money. Jennifer explains that she doesn't save because there's no point in the lives they lead and she wants to get the best out of life. With that, the two women hit the dance floor and dance the night away.

Later that evening, and many drinks later, Patsy suggests that they go out and punch someone. She tells She-Hulk how she has nothing going on and she occasionally needs to punch out some villains from time to time. Jen questions if Patricia is sober enough to go out crime fighting. She insists that she can handle it and rushes off before she can be stopped. In the early hours of the morning, Hellcat and She-Hulk arrive in the Bronx. Patsy tells She-Hulk that she learned about an AIM operation that is happening at this location. She-Hulk attempts to talk Hellcat out of doing anything rash, but Patsy insists on going in. The pair force their way into the dilapidated warehouse, which appears to be exactly what it is. Hellcat is upset because she thinks the SHIELD agent who told her about this facility was just lying to her in order to impress her. However, it is secretly a hidden AIM front, and they are being observed by two of its operatives. Seeing that it is She-Hulk and a drunken Hellcat, they decide to take a chance at attacking them in mechanical suits. She-Hulk disables one, but the other grabs Hellcat and threatens to kill her if She-Hulk doesn't let them go. However, Jennifer refuses to do so, warning him that she will kill him because her life seems to be falling apart at this moment and it could give her some satisfaction. When the AIM operative calls her bluff, she tells him to look her in the eye and see if she's not being serious. Soon the two AIM operatives are wrapped up. In the aftermath of the battle, Jennifer realizes that Patricia would be a good asset to her team and asks her if she would like to be her investigator. Hellcat accepts the offer and the two women head home.

The following morning, Jennifer doesn't get to her office until 11 am, much to the surprise of Angie who didn't realize she would be coming in so late. She-Hulk brushes it off, saying that it's her business and she doesn't have any clients. However, Angie proves her wrong by telling her that they do have one waiting to see her. This client turns out to be Doctor Doom's heir Kristoff Vernard. He wants to defect from Latveria and obtain political asylum in the United states and wants her to represent him in court.

Solicit Synopsis

• Jennifer opens her own practice, but things aren’t going as smoothly as she’d like.

• A new client rides into town…but is he hero or villain?

• Guest-starring Patsy Walker, Hellcat!


Continuity Notes

  • Sharon King states that she was a mutant prior to M-Day. The vast majority of mutants lost their powers thanks to the Scarlet Witch altering reality, as seen in House of M #8.

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