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Synopsis for "Blue"

In order to uncover the mystery of the lawsuit in her blue file, Jennifer Walters pays a visit to Herman Schultz, aka the Shocker, who is also named in the suit. When Schultz answers the door he is frightened off by the sight of the hero and he tries to escape out the back. While he is fumbling with his Shocker gear he makes it to the fire escape but is blocked by She-Hulk. She convinces him that she isn't there to fight, and he allows her to come inside and ask her questions. Inside, he tells her that for a street-based criminal like him, he follows a list of various superheroes, stating that Hulks are the type of opponent you run from, hence why he tried to run. It's then that Jennifer gets down to business, showing him the blue file and the lawsuit filed against her, Schultz, and others by George Saywitz of North Dakota. Herman can't remember anything, saying that his vibro gauntlets have caused a series of mini-concussions over the years and his memories are shot. However, he thinks he has a solution, and before She-Hulk can stop him he points one of his gauntlets at his head.

Meanwhile, in Divide Country, North Dakota, Jennifer's assistant Angie Huang and her monkey Hei Hei are following any leads in the town the lawsuit was filed. Along the way she suddenly stops her car as she feels something. She and Hei Hei then trudge through the snow into a deserted town where she gets a flash of some kind of event that happened here and is disturbed by the vision. Back in Manhattan, Hellcat pays a visit to Hellcat yet another person named in the lawsuit. After talking shop while exercising, Hellcat gets down to business and tells her about the George Saywitz lawsuit. As soon as she says his name, Tigra attacks Patsy, much to her confusion. Back at the Shocker's apartment, Jen is too late to stop Schultz from blasting himself in the head with his own vibro-gauntlet. He is only stunned, and he tells She-Hulk that he is okay, as he does it all the time. She then asks him if it worked or not. At that moment in North Dakota, Angie has made it to the country records office to find what she can about the lawsuit. The man at the desk tells her that the record is not on their computers but might still be in the hard file room. Unfortunately, the room is in a sorry state after a flood. Angie refuses to give up and despite the mess and lack of heat in the room, she gets down to work trying to find the documents that she came looking for.

Back in New York, Tigra continues to attack Hellcat, ultimately overpowering her. With Patsy weakened from various cuts, Tigra turns around and mindlessly tries to walk off the roof of the building. While at the apartment of the Shocker, Herman has a vague recollection about how he and some other villains were trying to steal something in North Dakota when She-Hulk and some of her superhero friends tried to stop them, but that is all he can remember. When he asks for his gauntlets back, Jennifer remarks at how inventive he is and that he could have done so much more with his life. Herman surprises her by saying the same thing about her. While in North Dakota, Angie finds the file she is looking for, but when she attempts to make a photocopy, the clerk pulls a gun out of his desk and shoots at her. At that moment, Hellcat stops Tigera from committing suicide. Realizing that She-Hulk might be in trouble, she scrambles to call her. Back at She-Hulk's law office, Jen is in a conversation with Wyatt Wingfoot, telling him all about the situation. When she keeps on getting a call from Patsy, she decides to put Wyatt on hold while she answers the call. When the two compare notes, she realizes that something might be going on. When she changes line to tell Wyatt about it, it's just as he taking his students up a trecherous mountain climb.

Solicit Synopsis

• She-Hulk & Hellcat must uncover the secrets of the Blue File – a conspiracy that touches the entire Marvel Universe!

• This new mystery brings us She-Hulk’s most terrifying role ever: DEFENDANT!

• Charles Soule (THUNDERBOLTS) and Ron Wemberly (MIGHTY AVENGERS) continue the smash hit of All-New Marvel Now!


Continuity Notes

  • Tigra mentions how she used to wear Hellcat's costume. Greer Grant started her superhero career as the Cat in The Cat #1. She was transformed into Tigra in Giant-Size Creatures #1 and abandoned the Cat identity thereafter. Patricia later adopted the Cat costume under the identity of Hellcat in Avengers #144.
  • Tigra states that the last time she saw the She-Hulk was when she joined up with the Lady Liberators to battle the Red Hulk. That happened in Hulk Vol 2 #7-9.

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