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Synopsis for "Blue: Part Two"

She-Hulk is talking to Wyatt Wingfoot over the phone about the strange lawsuit that the pair are named in, but nobody has any memory of. Suddenly, the signal is dropped because Wyatt is on a mountain climbing trip with some children in a remote area. Wondering what Patricia wanted, She-Hulk checks her voicemail and is horrified to discover that she was attacked by Tigra when she went to question her about the lawsuit as well. Jennifer rushes to the hospital to find out what happened and she is brought up to speed by both Tigra and Hellcat. This convinces Jennifer that their memories were tampered with in some way to prevent them from learning the truth. She hopes that the answers they need can be found in North Dakota where she sent her paralegal, Angie Huang.

They are unaware that Angie had been shot in the head while searching the country records for any evidence of the lawsuit filing. When her body is dumped in the snow, her faithful monkey Hei Hei climbs atop her lifeless body and breaths some strange green mist into her mouth. This brings Angie back to life. Unfortunately for her, whoever us trying to keep the story behind the lawsuit a secret had just set the county office on fire, destroying any evidence she might have found there. But, this hasn't erased the memory of what she had read and Angie tells Hei Hei that they need to get back to Jen before it is too late.

Back in Brooklyn, She-Hulk's landlord Sharon King comes by to bring in Kevin Trench, formerly the hero known as Nightwatch. The two catch up on what he has been up to during the past few years. He states that he had been keeping an incredibly low profile over the past few years, only putting on his Nightwatch uniform as necessary. Otherwise, he has had no time for the life of a superhero with his charity work and medical practice. Jennifer finds it quite the coincidence that he has come by when she was about to contact him. Kevin explains that he was contacted by someone who warned him of some coming danger if he didn't speak with her. Jennifer gets him up to speed about the lawsuit and about how their memories appear to have had their memories tampered with and given suicide commands when anyone tries to talk to them about it. She suspects that it was perhaps through mystical means, hence why she wanted him to come by. However, before they can discuss matters further, the building is suddenly attacked by a horde of demons that are calling out She-Hulk's name.

Rushing out of the office to find Sharon and the other tenants fighting off the attackers. She-Hulk and Nightwatch then leap into action, fighting the creatures. When one gets too close to Jennifer it begins to hypnotize her until Nightwatch destroys it, saving her life. Soon the pair dispatches the rest of the demons ending the threat. In the aftermath of the battle, Jennifer thanks Kevin for his help but decides not to go digging into this any further since people are starting to get hurt. Later, Patricia is released from the hospital and returns to Jennifer's office, surprised by the damage. When Jennifer tries to convince Patricia out of working for her due to the danger. Hellcat refuses to give it up, assuring Jen that this isn't her first dangerous job. She later meets with Sharon King and agrees to the terms of her lease that stipulate that any damage caused by a tenant will increase their rent to reflect the additional expense on insuring the building. That's when Angie returns to tell Jennifer about everything that happened. She explains that the plaintiff, George Saywitz, was suing Jennifer and the others from destroying an entire town. As she explains everything that happened in North Dakota, She-Hulk interrupts and tells Angie that they are not pursuing the situation any further.

Just then she gets a call from Kevin Trench, who tells Jennifer that he pulled some strings to get her the clients she desperately needs to keep her business afloat. That's when Angie pops her head back into the office and tells her that a whole bunch of clients just showed up. Looking outside at the large group of people, She-Hulk cracks her knuckles and tells her colleagues to get ready to work.

Solicit Synopsis

• Last issue, someone important to She-Hulk was killed – and she won’t let it stand.

• But the mysterious blue file turns friend into foe, who can she trust?

• Charles Soule and Ron Wemberly continue the All New Marvel Now hit everyone’s talking about!


Continuity Notes

  • Patricia states that Satan used to be her father-in-law. She is referring to the fact that she used to be married to Daemon Hellstorm. They got married in Defenders #125, although their marriage came to an end when Patricia was killed in Hellstorm: Prince of Lies #14. When she was resurrected in Thunderbolts Annual #2000, she separated from him.

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