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She-Hulk (Jen Walters)
The truth is, I like fighting you, too.
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Titania (Mary MacPherran)
You do?
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She-Hulk (Jen Walters)
Yeah. There aren't many people I can hit with a telephone pole without feeling guilty about it.
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Synopsis for 1st story

Trying to start over with her life after having left the Avengers, Jennifer is approached by Titania, who is hoping to fight Jennifer in her She-Hulk form. While Titania attempts to fight Jen in her human form, Jen slowly starts to remove her work suit as it's the only one she has and she does not wish to ruin it. After transforming and starting to fight back against Titania, Jen starts to question Titania as to why she continues to fight her, seemingly throwing away everything she has. After admitting that she likes fighting Titania as much as Titania likes to fight her, Jen proposes that they instead arrange their fights and plan them in a vacant area so that they can both blow off some steam. Having resolved her conflict with Titania, Jen finally makes it over to Chelsea and meets up with Mallory Book, who provides Jen with a new job and office space, despite her reluctance. Jen then meets up with her friend Janet Van Dyne, who lends Jen her apartment. Finally believing that things are starting to look up for her and that she's reinventing herself, Jen finds that Jack of Hearts has crashed into her apartment only to pass out and collapse onto the floor.

Solicit Synopsis

The best character ever is back in her own series and about to glam up the whole Marvel Universe! Jennifer Walters, A.K.A. the Sensational She-Hulk, is no longer savage and needs to put her life back together. She's got a career to rebuild, friends to reconnect with (and maybe represent in a court of law) and enemies to…well, she may not want to connect with them, but they are DEFINITELY going to connect with her. And the last page of this first issue is going to send Jen down a road she's never traveled and that will shake up her life and possibly the whole Marvel Universe.


  • Although this comic doesn't include a corner box legacy numbering, this issue would correspond to She-Hulk #164.


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