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She-Hulk (Lyra)

Appearing in "Man Hunt (Part 2)"

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  • Gamma Jet

Synopsis for "Man Hunt (Part 2)"

At the Gamma Base detention center, She-Hulk interrogates the Wizard to learn the location of the rest of the missing members of the Intelligencia who escaped during their failed coup of the United States. The Wizard agrees to reveal the locations of the Red Ghost, Mad Thinker and Klaw, but only if they meet his demands after interrupting his much-needed vacation. She-Hulk is reluctant to give in to these demands, but the Wizard tells her that this is a negotiation and his offer to help is limited.

Meanwhile, Lyra is running late for class on her second day of school at Midtown High. While looking for her chemistry room she runs into Mr. Petite the assistant principal who gives her a hard time for running late. This entire scene is observed by Amelia and her snobby friends. While Jake Constantine is continued to be smitten by her. When Mr. Petite notices that Lyra is wearing sandals, which is against school policy, she is given a detention after school. While back at Gamma Base, the Wizard has his cell furnished to his liking. The Hulk then comes down to demand some answers, threatening to smash everything. The Wizard talks, he starts with the Red Ghost, who he informs has been trying to find a replacement in his Super-Apes after the Red Hulk killed his gorilla. He suggests checking all the zoos in Russia to determine if any apes were stolen from them and they will surely find him.

Back in New York, Jennifer Walters has met up with her old boyfriend Wyatt Wingfoot. They catch up while taking a stroll through Central Park. The two are slowly about to rekindle their old romance when suddenly Jennifer gets a call from the Hulk, who tells Jen that it's urgent. While back at Midtown High, Lyra is trounced in a game of dodgeball in the gym. When Jake tries to help her up, she refuses his aid. From the bleachers, Amelia and her friends note how upset Lyra is and Amelia decides to try and film her freaking out in the locker room so she can post it online. What she sees instead is Lyra lose her temper and transform into her Hulk form. She gets a call from She-Hulk who wants to know whats wrong. Lyra tells her it is nothing and nobody saw, unaware that Amelia saw the whole thing. Jen then tells her to meet in the park in 15 minutes as they have a new mission. Soon Lyra meets up with She-Hulk and boards the ship. She tells Jen that she has to be back at school for 3 PM, as she has detention. This leads to an argument about keeping a low profile that brings Lyra to tears. Jennifer tries to smooth things over, telling her that she needs to work at not attracting attention. All the while they are talking, they are unaware that Amelia has sneaked aboard the ship and has been recording the entire conversation on her cell phone.

Later, in St. Petersberg, Russia, the Red Ghost cobbles together some left over Department X tech to create a device that will empower an infant gorilla named Grigori to take the place of Mikloh on his team of Super-Apes. Suddenly, She-Hulk and Lyra come smashing through the skylight. The Red Ghost is quickly incapacitated by a weapon developed by Bruce, but Grigori has already been empowered and he knocks She-Hulk clear out of the building. Lyra soon finds herself surrounded by the rest of the Super-Apes. She then begins to enter her trance state that allows her to channel the flow of ambient gamma rays to her advantage. As she is busy fighting Peotor and Grigori, Igor takes Amelia hostage. Lyra tries to rescue her, but Igor transforms into a tiger and knocks her aside. She-Hulk returns and gets the drop on Igor, knocking the ape out. When Lyra identifies Amelia as one of her classmates, Jennifer is furious and tells Lyra that she is in big trouble.

Solicit Synopsis

The ALL OUT SHE-HULK ACTION continues as JEN and LYRA hunt for the remaining members of THE INTELLIGENCIA! This time, their mission takes them to the heart of Russia, where they face the deadly RED GHOST and his SUPER-APES! Can the two Gamma-gals defeat their simian foes? Will Jen rekindle an old romance? And will Lyra survive gym class? Find out in ISSUE #2 of SHE-HULKS!


Continuity Notes

  • With the exception of Jennifer's encounter with a past version of Wyatt (in She-Hulk (Vol. 2) #3), the last time the two had been seen together on page was Fantastic Force #16, released almost 15 years before this issue.
  • The Red Ghost is trying to find a replacement for his gorilla Miklho, who was killed by the Red Hulk in Hulk (Vol. 2) #20.

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