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Quote1.png But the benefit of being a Hulk is that if you're having a bad's usually pretty easy to find someone deserving a punch in the face. Quote2.png
She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters)

Appearing in "Man Hunt (Part 3)"

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  • Gamma Jet

Synopsis for "Man Hunt (Part 3)"

The She-Hulks are returning from their mission to capture the Red Ghost and his Super-Apes in Russia. Along the way, Jennifer reams out Lyra for allowing her classmate, Amelia Hopkins, to discover her secret identity and sneak aboard the Gamma Jet. As the argue, the Red Ghost comes to and frees himself and his Super-Apes. Amelia is the first to notice them and raise the alarm. She-Hulk ejects Amelia from the ship so she doesn't get harmed in the coming battle. During the scuffle, the Red Ghost manages to deactivate the Gamma Jet's engine. Lyra quickly shoved the Red Ghost and his Super-Apes out of the cockpit and locks them in the cargo hold while She-Hulk tries to get the ship under control. Her efforts are in vein, but they are saved from crashing by the timely arrival of the Hulk, who manages to catch the jet before it hits the ground. Soon the Red Ghost is locked in a cell with a colar that will blow up if he tries to use his phasing power to get out. Kragoff demands to know where his apes are, but Jennifer silences him with an electric jolt. The Wizard then offers to give her the locations of both the Mad Thinker and Klaw in exchange for some more items to make his incarceration more comfortable.

She-Hulk reports back to Bruce Banner and tells him that the Wizard believes that the Mad Thinker was going to setup a new lab in the Alps so he can experiment on Klaw's powers. Banner does a scan for Klaw's sonic signature. He doesn't find it, but discovers a sonic dead zone in Switzerland and believes that's where their next targets are. Bruce then wants to know what happened with Lyra. When She-Hulk explains that she had a bad day at school and accidentally revealed her identity to a classmate, Bruce warns her that Lyra needs to shape up in order to continue working on their mission. Elsewhere on the base, Lyra and Amelia argue over the fact that they had to eject Amelia from the plane. Lyra tells her that it wouldn't have happened if she hadn't sneaked aboard their jet, to begin with. Amelia explains she did so because she thought it would be cool to get some video footage of the She-Hulks after she caught Lyra changing. Asking her classmate if she can change back and forth at will, Lyra shows her that she can, but says it's not as cool as she thinks. The two girls quickly start getting along, and Amelia suggests that they should be friends, promising that she will not reveal her secret identity to the other kids at school. She then suggests that Lyra come to the school dance, which will require Lyra buying a dress.

Soon, Jennifer takes Lyra to a high-end clothing store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan where they go dress shopping. This turns into a shopping spree that Lyra can hardly understand because wearing different clothes each day is a foreign concept to her. After they return to their condo, they are contacted by the Hulk who tells him that he got a lock on the Mad Thinker and Klaw's location. The two women fly to the Swiss Alps, and as they leap out of the Gamma Jet, Lyra apologizes for Amelia discovering her secret identity. She-Hulk doesn't care as long as her classmate keeps her mouth shut. Landing outside of the Mad Thinker's lab, they are attacked by an army of Gammadroids. While inside, the Mad Thinker prepares to try and cure Klaw, however, he intends to transfer the sound energy into his new Gammadroid, codenamed Byte so that he gets a new weapon out of the deal. Suddenly, the two She-Hulks come crashing into the lab, with a Gammaroid. The Mad Thinker trapped under one of his android, Lyra rips a machine up to throw at Byte. This severs the wires connecting Klaw to the android causing him to shriek in pain. This causes a discharge of sound that blows the roof off the lab and causes an avalanche. As tons of snow come crashing down upon them, the two She-Hulks try to run for their lives.

Solicit Synopsis

The MANHUNT continues as SHE-HULK and SAVAGE SHE-HULK set their sights on two more fugitive members of THE INTELLIGENCIA! MAD THINKER and KLAW can't hide forever from the SHE-HULK SMACKDOWN that's coming their way! Plus, has Lyra already revealed her secret the meanest girl in school? Guest starring THE INCREDIBLE HULK, this one’s going to be a real sonic blast!


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