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The Sheenarians were an extradimensional humanoid green-skinned race natives of the dimension of Quarles.


The Sheenarians allied themselves with the Klaw, when they attempted to conquer the Earth.[1] Using the Vibranium's sonic properties, Klaw opened a portal for them in the Savage Land, which they invaded. Their commander Traikar was killed by Tongah as revenge fo having killed some of the Fall People, for which they demanded Tongah's life.[2] The Sheenarians' invasion force and their ally Klaw were defeated by Ka-Zar after which he forced Klaw to open a portal to their home dimension to prevent further invasion attempts.[3]

Their invasion of Earth caused a backlash by the Quarlians when they discovered that the attack had resulted in outworlders coming to Quarl.[4] Meanwhile, their remaining earth troops attempted to conquer the Savage Land and destroy the Zebra People.[5]

Some of the Sheenarians remained trapped in the Savage Land when Garokk sealed the dimensional nexus.[citation needed]


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Draumann, Narnia, Quann, Quanset, Saxtur, Shartram, Shauran/Junior

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