Sheila Danning was the head of Public Relations for Cross Technological Enterprises. When CTE's then security chief Hawkeye captured a group of criminals after a break-in, she arranged for a photographer to take his picture. [1]

Later, Hawkeye went on a date with Sheila. While they were at his apartment, he told her about his background, but they were interrupted when he had an alert about a break-in at CTE. He dealt with the break-in, and captured the perpetrator - the adventurer and spy Mockingbird. Mockingbird told him CTE were corrupt, but he didn't believe her. However, he felt troubled by the suggestion and investigated the company himself. He was attacked by his own security guards, however, who forced him to surrender by apparently threatening Sheila. [2]

Hawkeye and Mockingbird were placed in a pit with their weapons confiscated, and when Hawkeye demanded to see Sheila, she arrived and told him her interest in him was just a sham to keep him busy while CTE performed their criminal acts. The pit was gradually filled with toxic waste, but the two heroes escaped. Hawkeye caught up with Sheila and got his bow and arrows back. Although he didn't harm her, Sheila told him CTE would have revenge on him. What form this revenge would take is unknown. Ironically, Sheila's plotting helped bring Hawkeye together with Mockingbird, who he married soon afterward.[2]



Strength level

Normal human strength.

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