Sheila Donner is a journalist / reporter working for the Public Eye. She first appeared at Johnny testing his new Fireball X-S vehicle at Southern Oregon desert. Her illegal reporting made her and her pilot got busted, but she still won't give up on Johnny when his old schoolmate Mike Snow, whom now working for the FDNY, and one of Mike's teammate Vinnie Costello died because of suddenly self-immolation.

When drug-dealer Brandon Crowe's apartment at Brownstone caught on fire, a fireball attacked Crowe. These two incidents made Donner even kept an eye on Johnny. She then dressed up as "Firefox" to gain attention of Mike Snow and his partners, she said after her flame controlling device was ignored by a fire department, Sheila used it to commit crimes. She was defeated by Storm as the Human Torch, but it turned out that she and Johnny are working together aiming to find out what the fireball which attacked Crowe was.

Later she called up Rose Delany, Mike's girlfriend, and said she got a video tape captured the one seemed to be not looking too happy when the fireball appeared. After Rose confessed she is the one who used fireball to attack Crowes and made Costello burnt to death, Donner tried to taped down the confession but Rose burned her camera.

Towards to Rose's self-exploded, Donner still wanted to have a interview with Mike. It turned down by Johnny and Johnny agreed to tell the public through Donner that he burnt Mike when they're at high school (Happened in Human Torch Vol 2 1), both now are settled of what happened at the past stay in past.

It is likely that Sheila is Australian. She repeatedly refers to Johnny as "mate", which in comics often serves to indicate Australian or British origin, and in the story arc above she dons a t-shirt with a logo very similar to that of Victoria Bitter (VB) a popular Australian beer.


  • Video camera
  • Flame controlling device

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