Dr. Sheldon Sanders was a member of the mysterious Diogenes Initiative sent to work as a spy at the Naval Air Station Fallon to keep an eye on their experiments.[1] He was a geneticist who worked on a way to manipulate and introduce purified genes into a ill person's body to eliminate a number of genetic diseases.[2]

When looking for a cure for the genetic disease of Abigail Mercury, Ben Reilly found in Internet a document written by Dr. Sheldon Sanders and promised himself to visit him.[2] Ben initially contacted Dr. Sanders via email, but since Dr. Sanders didn't handle his emails himself, they were answered by his assistant, who was secretly Karl Lykos, the supervillain Sauron.

After Lykos stopped answering the emails on Sanders' behalf, Ben infiltrated the Naval Air Station Fallon and personally confronted Dr. Sanders. Sheldon cleared up the misunderstanding, since due to Lykos' interference he didn't even know of Abigail's existence. When Dr. Sanders called in his assistant, Ben's spider-sense was triggered, and he webbed Lykos up, prompting him to change into Sauron.[3] During the subsequent fight, Ben tried to escape with Dr. Sanders to keep him safe. After knocking down Reilly, Sauron prepared to kill him. However, Dr. Sanders jumped between the two combatants and Sauron lunged him in the back. Ben managed to make some distance to escape with Dr. Sanders. However, Sheldon told him to stop so he could reveal that he was a spy, and that his boss at the Diogenes Initiative had the antidote for Abigail's disease. Sheldon died in Ben's arms after telling him the adress where he had to go.[1]

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