Little is known about the early life of Shelton Pendergrass. At one point, he was in the army, serving as a military lawyer, but never once fired a gun. In 2005 however, he began a carrier as an assassin, taking the name "Bullseye" and refusing to answer to his real name, and making a reputation for himself for never failing to kill his target, no matter who they were. Shelton was also extremely deranged, claiming he needed to completely know his targets before he could kill them.[citation needed]

Hunting the Punisher

Bullseye was hired by Don Rigoletto, a New York mob boss, to hunt the infamous vigilante, The Punisher. Bullseye went to New York incognito to gather intel. Before he could reveal himself to his employer however, Rigoletto was killed, and Bullseye instead presented himself to Rigoletto's successor, the Kingpin, Wilson Fisk. Fisk agreed to hire Bullseye, and he began to get to work.[citation needed]

Bullseye quickly became deeply obsessed with the Punisher, sleeping in one of his old hideouts, wearing his old clothes, doing everything he could to understand exactly what made the Punisher who he was. He even went so far as to kidnapping a family to relive the trauma that caused the Punisher to go on his crusade, the death of his family. Bullseye lived with the family for a short time and then arranged for them to be killed in the same manner that the Punisher's family was. When this did not work, he did it again three more times.[citation needed]

Fisk began to grow impatient with Bullseye, feeling that he was taking too long and causing too much trouble. Bullseye became fixated with what the Punisher had told his wife just before she died, and when he finally figured it out, he declared that he was ready to kill the Punisher.[citation needed]

Just as he declared this to Fisk, the Punisher broke into Fisk's New York skyscraper and began mowing down Fisk's men in order to kill them. He and the Punisher were embroiled in a fierce fight. When the Punisher gained the upper hand, Bullseye whispered what he had told his wife just before she died, causing the Punisher to halt before killing him. Fisk took advantage of this, shot a hole in the glass panel they were on top of, and sent them falling to the ground.[citation needed]

Both men were seriously injured, but Bullseye suffered the worst injuries, ending up in a coma with severe head trauma and paralysis. Both men were sent to prison, with Bullseye ending up in a hospital wing in Attica Correctional Facility. After breaking out of prison, the Punisher tracked Bullseye down and gunned him down. He was disturbed to find that Bullseye had a smile on his face, despite being in a coma.[citation needed]


Bullseye is a master assassin, but he does not share all of the Earth-616 Bullseye's abilities, and uses only traditional weapons.


Many varying weapons

  • Punisher MAX #6 specifically shows that this Bullseye doesn't have the same abilities as his Earth-616 counterpart; he threatens to kill Mr. Lawrence with a toothpick, but turned out he was actually joking, explaining that he can't kill with a toothpick, then proceeded to kill Lawrence by shooting him.

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