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Sheoke Sanada (Earth-616) from Captain America America's Avenger Vol 1 1 0001

Snapdragon (Sheoke Sanada)

A skilled martial artist, Snapdragon was first seen when she was hired to defeat the Black Widow in Japan. She succeeded in this mission, but Black Widow soon regained her composure and quickly dispatched Snapdragon.[1]

Later, Snapdragon joined Superia's all-female superhuman army the Femizons and became one of her lieutenants. There, Snapdragon came across another Femizon recruit, her long-time enemy Diamondback. The two had both been trained by Anaconda in Taskmaster's Academy for training criminal mercenaries, but Diamondback had subsequently dishonored Snapdragon in some way. While on Superia's S.S. Superia cruise ship, Snapdragon faced Diamondback when she was without her trademark throwing diamond weapons. The two fought, and Snapdragon knocked Diamondback unconscious. Snapdragon threw the unconscious Diamondback overboard, leaving her to drown. Diamondback was rescued and eventually recovered, but briefly swore off her life as a costumed mercenary out of fear of dying.[2]

After being brutalized and trained by the criminal Crossbones, Diamondback returned to her life of adventuring and sought revenge against Snapdragon. Diamondback tracked Snapdragon to an AIM weapons expo on the island Boca Caliente with her allies Captain America and Falcon and caught Snapdragon unawares. During their rematch, a now more highly trained and ruthless Diamondback overpowered and strangled Snapdragon to death in a fountain. Snapdragon's body was returned to Japan and cremated by her brother, Kono.[3]

Echo (Earth-616) Moon Knight Vol 6 2

Echo breaks her cover to save Moon Knight from Snapdragon

Side by side with Moon Knight[]

Snapdragon somehow returned to life and started working for the Los Angeles Kingpin. Some time later she was confronted by Moon Knight. She and her henchmen got the best of him. However, he was saved by an undercover Echo.[4] Snapdragon hired Night Shift to kill Moon Knight, but the team failed. After Moon Knight and Echo managed to reveal Count Nefaria as the Kingpin, a subdued Snapdragon was left to the police.[5]

More recently, Snapdragon worked with Viper, Arcade, and others to gain revenge on Black Widow.[6]


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Snapdragon possessed no superhuman abilities of her own.


Snapdragon was a proficient hand-to-hand combatant, and skilled in using various forms of weaponry.



Snapdragon wore a protective suit of armor, which featured a helmet with infrared sensors. She also used a bo-staff, various edged weapons, and a bola.

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