Sheraton is a hotel chain with several hotels through the world in places like New York City[1] and Dallas, Texas. Those hotels were sometimes booked for symposia eventes[2] and gentlemens' club dinners.[1]

The Lions' Club, to which several top industrialists belonged, hired the New York hotel for its annual dinner. Anthony Stark hoped to repeat as dinner speaker, but his reputation had been damaged after a scandal with the Carnelian ambassador, so the Lions' Club retired Stark's invitation and replaced him with comedian Rodney Dangerfield. The criminal known the Titanium Man went to New York City looking for a duel with Iron Man, Stark's bodyguard; erroneously believing that Stark would attend to the Lions' Club dinner, he attacked the party at the Sheraton Hotel, breaking the wall with his punchs to enter and threatening the attendees, until they explained him his mistake. The Titanium Man left enraged.[3]

Some time later, the Dallas hotel, known as Park Sheraton Hotel, hosted the 24th Annual Conclave of Electronics Engineers and Innovators, to which several top industrialists and companies were invited. Attendees included Anthony Stark of Stark International;[2] Edwin Cord of Cord Conglomerate; Augustine Cross, head of Cross Technological Enterprises; Jonas Hale of Roxxon Oil; and their entourage. SHIELD sent his purchasing agent, Mr. Burke, to assess the market. Stark offended at seeing Williams Innovations's booth, because Williams had links with criminal organization Maggia - but those had not been proofed in a court.[4]

Cord wanted to impress SHIELD with his new high-tech armor Raider and sign a contract with them. To do so, he hired three mercenaries to attack Iron Man during his demonstration for Stark and, hopefully, defeat him in the hotel meeting room. The Raiders were defeated in turn. Besides, when Cord met Burke in the hotel's meeting room to explain that he was trying to impress SHIELD with his technological capabilities, Burke arrested Cord on charges of property destruction and life endangering.[4]


The Raiders rented a shared room, and Edwin Cord rented a meeting room, in the Dallas hotel.[4]

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