Quote1.png I can tell by your stance... by the shifting of your eyes... by the tensing of your muscles... that you know who I am. And your petty verbal jabs betray your fear. My name is Sherlock Holmes. Quote2.png
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Sherlock Holmes is a private detective who has keen powers of observation. He lives at 221B Baker Street in London during the late 19th Century. He notices things that others simply don't, and then draws accurate conclusions about what he sees, making him the master of deductive reasoning. He is accompanied by his companion Dr. John Watson who helps him to solve the mysteries. He is a consultant to Scotland Yard working with Inspector Lestrade. He exists in the Ideaverse a universe created by the minds of writers such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle whose the series of Sherlock Holmes novels brought him into existence.[1]

Fantastic Four

Sherlock encountered the Fantastic Four when they traveled to the the Ideaverse to stop Nightmare from destroying all the stories.[2]


In 1895, Inspector G. Lestrade of Scotland Yard delivered a strange item from another reality to Sherlock Holmes.[1]

Sherlock, through unknown means, acquired H. G. Wells' Time Machine and modified it to allow him to transport between different 'pockets' of the Ideaverse. Using this he recruited Beowulf, Natty Bumppo, Hua Mulan and Dr. Watson to help stop Dreadpool.[3]

Holmes and his allies discovered the chaos left in Dreadpool's wake on the Island of Doctor Moreau, 1896, Lilliput, 1699, and Rome, 44 B.C.. When Natty Bumppo realised Dreadpool was no longer working alone, Holmes deduced that, as Dreadpool was a 'man of two minds', he had somehow given his other mind a corporeal form.[4]

As Holmes and Watson continued to discover the wreckage left behind by Dreadpool, Holmes began memorizing every detail he saw. Holmes and his allies later found Dreadpool and the Monster in Paris, 1627, after they had slain the Three Musketeers. As his allies fought with the duo, Holmes watched from aside until Dreadpool stole the Time Machine and Holmes jumped aboard before it left. Dreadpool fell from the machine into the Ideaverse as Sherlock began to remember the stories, all of them, to restore the Ideaverse.[5]

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