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Shi'ar Galaxy
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Shi'ar Galaxy
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It is the home galaxy of the Shi'ar Empire.

Points of Interest

Points of Interest in the Shi'Ar Galaxy
Star system Planet Species Estimated population Type of government Level of technology
B'lbwo[2] M'Ndavi[2] M'Ndavians[2]
M'Ndavian from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 2 15 001.jpg
49 million[2] Representative monarchy[2] Superior to Earth, faster than light travel[2]
Chr'Yll[3] Chr'Yllalisa[3] Chr'ylites[3]
Chr'yllites from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 2 15 001.jpg
3.7 million[3] Benevolent matriarchy[3] None (cannot manipulate tools)[3]
Cyrane Om'lr[4] Tryl'sart[4] Mephitisoids[4]
Mephitisoids (Race) from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 1 6 0001.jpg
350 million[4] Small independent colonies[4] under control of Shi'Ar Empire[2] Interstellar travel[4]
D'bari System (destroyed)[5]
D'bari System from X-Men Vol 1 135 001.png
D'bari IV (destroyed)[5]
D'bari IV from X-Men Vol 1 135 001.png
D'bari (Race)
D'Bari from All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Vol 1 3 001.jpg
around 5 survivors[6] TBA[7] TBA[7]
Elia[8] Tsorcherhi[8] Tsyrani[8]
Tsyrani from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 2 15 001.jpg
4.3 billion[8] Matriarchal monarchy under supervision of the Shi'Ar Empire; but with some large measure of self-rule[8] Highly advanced, with warp-drive starships[8]
Varanus[9][10] Timor (Varanus IV)[9] Saurids[9]
Ch'od (Earth-616) from X-Men Phoenix Force Handbook Vol 1 1 0001.jpg
4 billion[9] Council of philosopher-scientists with little real authority[9] Moderately advanced; no space travel until they became part of Shi'Ar Empire[9]
Zhylian Cascadhel[11]
Zhylian Cascadhel from Avengers Vol 1 350 001.png
unspecified Calurnia[12]
Calurnia from Rom Annual Vol 1 4 0001.jpg
Tyreseus (Earth-616) from Rom Annual Vol 1 4 0001.jpg
At least 13[12] Subjects of the Shi'ar Empire, with apparently local tribal leadership[12] Adapted to Shi'ar standard technology; use traditional agricultural tools on their planet[12]
unspecified Chandilar (Aerie)[7][13]
Chandilar from New Mutants Vol 4 2 001.jpg
Shi'ar (Race) from X-Men Messiah Complex - Mutant Files Vol 1 1 001.jpg
18 billion[14] Empire ruled by a Majestor or Majestrix, controlling the Shi'ar Empire[7] See Shi'ar Technology
(n/a)[15] unidentified free-floating asteroid cluster[15] Sidri[15]
Sidri from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Update Vol 1 4 0001.jpg
impossible to calculate[15] Unknown[15] Unknown[15]

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  • Unlike the Kree and Skrull Galaxies, which are identified as the Large Magellanic Cloud and Andromeda Galaxy, respectively, the Shi'ar Galaxy has yet to be associated with a real-life galaxy. Annihilation: Prologue Vol 1 stated the Shi'ar Empire to be located in M31; however as M31 is another designation for the Andromeda Galaxy, this is unlikely. A similarly-named galaxy such as M33- the Triangulum Galaxy - may have been intended, but so far the error is yet to be corrected.

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