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The Shi'ar Imperial Fleet is a military organization in charge of patrolling Shi'ar space, exploring space, fighting hostile enemy fleets, discovering worlds, transporting Shi'ar troops, orbital bombardment, expanding the empire, and destroying worlds or stars. The crews of Shi'ar starships vary, with some having multi-species crews (though with a Shi'ar majority) and other vessels only having Shi'ar crew members.[8][9][10]

Shi'ar battle groups vary in size, and the larger ones may have hundreds of warships.[4] The Shi'ar fleet uses a variety of ship types, including; scout ships,[11], jumpships,[12], cruisers,[13] battlecruisers,[14] dreadnoughts,[8] and Star Destroyers.[15] It has ships the size of planetoids, among them the Behemoth-class warships and the Fearless-class dreadnoughts.[16][17] Commanders in charge of squadrons or fleets have titles such as Admiral and Major General.[1][18]


The Shi'ar fleet participated in the Shi'ar civil war that erupted when a rumor leaked that Princess Lilandra Neramani had attempted to kill and usurp her brother Majestrix D'Ken. The Shi'ar fleet which Lilandra was the Grand Admiral of, split down the middle. Lilandra who opposed D'Ken's plans regarding the M'kraan Crystal, led a great rebellion against him. She was captured and held on Captain K'rk's starship, but was then rescued by her elite exploratory fleet, the Pathfinders. In the final battle of the civil war, she escaped but the Pathfinders were wiped out.[11]

Years later, after the civil war and during the reign of Majestrix Lilandra, a terrorist attack slaughtered most of the Shi'ar Grand Council and the Majestrix Lilandra was kidnapped. The Starjammers were implicated and their trail led to Earth, with a Shi'ar fleet in pursuit. Which was led by Lord Admiral Samédàr, who had been bribed by Deathbird to join her and her allies the Brood in destroying the Earth, and killing both Lilandra and the X-Men. Discovering the plot, the X-Men were able to delay and ultimately stop the Shi'ar attack on Earth, with Lilandra ordering Samédàr's arrest.[19]

When the Warskrulls infiltrated the Shi'ar empire, they replaced the Starjammers and key people in government. The Shi'ar fleet was to commit genocide on various worlds affiliated with the Shi'ar Empire as the Warskrulls nearly brought down the empire, until the conspiracy was discovered and stopped by Deathbird and the X-Men.[20] The Shi'ar fleet would later be involved in the Kree-Shi'ar War, an intergalactic conflict brought about by the manipulations of the Kree Supreme Intelligence. A Shi'ar armada came into the Sol System, using a Shi'ar stargate. The use of the stargate was destabilizing the Sun, threatening the Earth which forced the Avengers to get involved. Shi'ar warships monitored the devastation caused to the Kree galaxy by the Shi'ar Nega-Bomb.[4][21]

Some time afterwards, the Uncreated invaded the Shi'ar empire, torching various worlds and extinguishing all life on their surfaces.[22] The Uncreated had a decisive advantage over the Shi'ar. Unlike the Shi'ar who used guile and precision in their warfare, the Uncreated used pure brute force.[23] Which permitted their ships' weapons to blow thru the shields of Shi'ar warships.[24] The Shi'ar decided to make their final stand over the Clench World of Standing Still, which the Starjammers realized would not only likely result in their defeat but would threaten the lives of billions in the world below. The Starjammers created a colossal hologram of the Uncreated's god, which made pushed the Uncreated into committing suicide.[25]

The Phalanx whose dominion had been expanding toward the Shi'ar empire in the previous years, invaded an empire weakened by the Uncreated.[25][26] An invasion which the Shi'ar fleet was unable to stop, as the core of their empire was devastated. The Phalanx conquered the throneworld, only the intervention of the X-Men saved the Shi'ar empire.[27] Years later, the Shi'ar fleet was sent to sterilize Earth. The order was given because of the "thought-plague contamination" that was ravaging the galaxy. Lilandra and her consort Xavier were being controlled by Cassandra Nova. She had Lilandra order the Shi'ar fleet to make war on the Shi'ar Empire and turn it into a cosmic pyre. The Shi'ar fleet ceased its attacks on Shi'ar worlds when Cassandra was stopped by the X-Men.[28]

Shi'ar fleet invading Kree space.

When Majestro D'Ken came out of the coma, a new civil war erupted in the Shi'ar Empire and therefore likewise tore apart the Shi'ar fleet. As his sister Lilandra led a new rebellion against him, with the support of Major General Ka'ardum. It was rebellion that was outnumbered two-to-one and upon Vulcan killing D'Ken and seizing control of the throne, the civil war continued with Emperor Vulcan having the support of Deathbird.[29] While the civil war raged, the Shi'ar empire was invaded by the Scy'ar who destroyed a Shi'ar world and headed toward the M'kraan Crystal. They appeared unstoppable and when Vulcan annihilated them, it ended the civil war as the rebels defected to his side. Lilandra, the X-Men, and the Starjammers fled Shi'ar space.[30]

The Shi'ar fleet then waged campaigns to expand the Shi'ar Empire. Countless worlds fell to the Shi'ar, as civilizations were exterminated or enslaved.[31][32] Though they were already fighting on many fronts the Shi'ar fleet invaded the Kree empire and struck many Kree Outworlds and Frontier Colonies. Shi'ar ships landed invasion forces on Kree colonies, bombarded Kree outworlds from orbit, and melted Kree planets with Nega-Bombs. A Kree counterattack wiped out a Shi'ar fleet. Soon the Shi'ar fleets had lost momentum, though they continued to have the upper hand and numerial superiority. Because the Shi'ar fleet was overextended on too many fronts, they had to downscale sixteen campaigns to support the war effort in Kree space. The detonation of the Terrigen Bomb in the void between the Kree and Shi'ar galaxies wiped out 87% of the Shi'ar Imperial Warfleet and created the Fault.[33]

After the surrender of the Shi'ar empire to the Kree, the Shi'ar fleet was subordinate to the Kree. It was deployed alongside the Kree fleet to stop the monstrous invasion of the universe from the eldritch Cancerverse via the Fault. They were soon being overwhelmed and were reinforced by other interstellar powers. Cosmic beings soon joined the fight on their side, but they were still losing ground. The invasion was stopped by the actions of the Guardians of the Galaxy.[34][35] During the Builders War, the Shi'ar fleet was one of several alien fleets that made up the Council Armada. Together with the Avengers, it fought against the Builder Armada in multiple space battles, and taking great casualties. Eventually the tide turned and the Builders were defeated. After which elements of the Shi'ar fleet participated alongside elements of other fleets in the liberation of Earth from Thanos and his Black Order.[36][33]


Shi'ar warships possess various technologies, including:

  • Jump Engines: Giving them the ability to travel interstellar distances via FTL speeds, though because of the Shi'ar Stargates, the ships may have it disabled.[13]
  • Cloaking Systems[37]
  • Force Fields[38]
  • Nanotechnology[38]
  • Teleporation Systems: With up to a 50,000 km radius range[38]


Shi'ar warships are equipped with the following types of weapon systems:

  • Plasma Cannons: With versions that can produce a gigaton nuclear blast, vaporize all in a 100 mile radius, and split the planetary crust[8]
  • Disruption Bombs: Which are used on cities[22]
  • Particle Beam Cannons[17]
  • Fusion Mines[22]
  • Phasers[39]
  • Missiles: Used in space combat[10]
  • Photon Torpedoes[40]

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