Shi'ar Star Cruiser

Shi'ar-Uncreated War from Starjammers Vol 1 2
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Star Cruiser
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This spacecraft is an early model of Shi'ar vessels designed for planetary expeditions, created in the Shi'ar Empire.


During the reign of Emperor D'Ken, Davan Shakari set up a base on Earth (inside a lifeless volcano) in upstate New York. When D'Ken was rendered catatonic, Empress Lilandra evacuated her people from Earth, and an early star cruiser was left docking in the hangar. Years later, a small group of X-Men located the hidden Shi'ar base and boarded the Star Cruiser, in order to apprehend a vengeful Vulcan A passenger they picked up, by the name of Korvus, helped re-activate the jump engines that enabled them to travel long distances. The Starjammers also repaired the ship when the jump engines were once again disabled. During a pinnacle moment in the Shi'ar Empire coup, Lilandra sent part of the starbound X-Men back to Earth, where they crash landed and destroyed the X-Bug (Uncanny X-Men #486)
Previous Owner: Shi'ar
Current Owner: X-Men


Methods of Transport: Shi'ar technology (flight)
Travel Radius: N/A
Onboard Equipment: Jump-engines. Shi'ar cloaking device and sensors. (Helm) flight controls seat
Onboard Weaponry: None.

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