Shimata-Kawa was a man of Yamatai,[1][2] though he was often referred to as originating from Khitai.[3][2]

As he arrived in Yezud with Ixastophanis, Shimata-Kawa helped Daedikaron and Tros freeing the captured Andamo, Welyn and Moru.[3]

After killing a horde of Demons sent by Tolometh, Shimata-Kawa received a vision to search for the amulet in Aquilonia.[4] Shimata-Kawa met Conan by chance in Venarium, just before it was attacked by the Cimmerian tribes.[5]

Captured and tortured by the Grand Inquisitor of Ong, Shimata-Kawa eventually managed to free himself and Conan, to proceed towards the Desert of Yondo.[3] He reunited there with Daedikaron, Tros and Welyn.[4] He shared an amulet shard together with Conan; with him and the other seekers, he fought a Sand Devil in the Desert of Yondo and entered the Citadel of Sin.[6] He was decapitated by the Patriarch of Tolometh's enchanted blade, although he managed to free its leathery sheath, which Conan used to kill him.[7]


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