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Early Life

Born and raised in Japan, Shingen "Shin" Harada was the illegitimate son of Keniuchio Harada and as such the heir of the Clan Yashida. He was also the boyfriend of Amiko Kobayashi, the foster daughter of Wolverine.[2]

Hellfire Academy

At some point, he joined Kade Kilgore's Hellfire Academy,[3] and partnered with Mystique in order to recruit the newly activated mutant Iara Dos Santos, who soon after adopted the code-name Shark-Girl, unsuccessfully, after having battled both their target and Angel.[4]


He designed the new hellfire academy.[5]

Confronting Dario Agger

As CEO of Yashida Corporation, Shingen represented the company at the Universal Bank, where the richest people met to discuss anything relevant to the world. In this meeting, the heads of various companies came from across the globe to confront Dario Agger regarding Roxxon's operations in the Ten Realms, which Agger had kept secret from them. As Agger was unwilling to share the market he had just opened, and threatened anyone who dared to step up and take it from him, Shingen then accepted Agger's offer of taking the new market by force and told Agger this was now a hostile takeover. He then used his resources to sabotage Roxxon's global pipeline, had a spy break into Agger's corporate H.Q. to download a virus, and hacked into his personal cloud where Shingen revealed Agger's tan lines. Shingen then morphed into his Silver Samurai armor and threatened to slice Agger's head off. Just when Agger was about to transform into a minotaur and fight Shingen, Exterminatrix, of the Midas Foundation, arrived and knocked him out cold with 20,000 volts of electricity, and declared herself as the newest member of the group thereafter.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Healing Factor The nanotechnology injected into Shingen allows him to regenerate from fatal wounds. However, it is uncertain if it would allow regeneration of loss limbs or decapitation.[6]


Ninjitsu: It's been repeatedly stated that Shin Harada has been trained in the ways of the Shinobi for a long time. Being adept enough to handle fighting Thor in closed quarters.[7]

Swordsman: Shin is skilled in the use of his katana and similar bladed weapons.[8]

Engineering Specialist: Shingen boasted of having built prototype cybernetic energized structures since his early childhood.[9] Having even been adept enough to fabricate his own nanomolecular body mods from scratch just as easily.[6]

Adept Businessman: Harada runs his own multibillion dollar tech company appropriating in sales of technology begotten from his own design.[1]

Genius Level-Intelligence: Shingen Harada II possesses a keen and adept mind, even from an early age he was a technological savant whom had designed impressive wonders of mechanical craftsmanship.[9] Able to study and memorize scores of information and implement tactical stratagems against numerous foes in a telltale host of a thousand different scenarios in regards to combat, technological design, pre-emptive countermeasures and weapon specialization.[10]

Skilled Combatant: The 2nd Silver Samurai is incredibly apt when it comes to hand to hand fighting with or without his cybernetic armor chassis. As was made evident by challenging the likes of Angel, Thor, Wolverine, dozens of Hand Ninja and their leader Gorgon on numerous occasions.[9][7][11]

Bilingual: Besides Japanese, Shin can speak a few different languages fluently for the sake of business expansion, including English and Swedish.[10]

Physical Strength

Without his armor Shingen Harada only possesses the strength level of a decidedly average human male of his age, often engaging in moderate regular exercise through training and in combat situations. His powered structure vastly amplifies Shin's physical abilities well beyond acceptable levels, enabling him to battle the likes of an Asgardian empowered female of the species or genetically deviant terran specimen on equal footing. It's capacity to enable fighting against an apotheosized mortal empowered by Mjolnir suggests he can lift (press) in excess of 100 tons while wearing it.[12] It can potentially achieve higher power levels if sufficiently powered by an outside source.


Arrogance: The Silver Samurai is overeagerly egocentric, often underestimating the enemy due to how much pride he possesses in his technology.

Handicap: While battling Logan over a mountain top pass, Shin lost his right arm during their conflict.[13] It is currently unknown if he got it reattached or replaced his missing limb with a bionic prosthesis.



Silver Samurai's Armor


Silver Samurai's Katana, Nuclear Nunchuks


Flight from jet boosters in armor.


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