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Aurora began life as a sentient star. She watched her planets grow and change, and eventually evolve life. One day, a race of beings arrived and wiped out the inhabitants of her planets, then caused her to explode, wiping out what life remained, and destroying all of the planets in her solar system. Dissipated over a great distance, her essence was gathered by the Master of the Sun and when Peter Quill came seeking aid, he turned Aurora into a ship, giving her to Peter Quill as Quill became Starlord. She later passed Quill's equipment on to rookie lawman Sinjin Quarrel to become the new Star Lord after Quill's disappearance, though the timeline of these events is uncertain.[citation needed]

Alternate reality versions

2010s Marvel Animated Universe (Earth-12041)

In this reality Rora is a sentient A.I. on J'son's ship who she had romantic feelings for. In his youth, J'son flew through space exploring new worlds and in his attempt to steal the Cosmic Seed with Rora , while so he would flirt with every new girl he meets which made Rora jealous every time, most of all with Meredith Quill when they landed on Earth. When they returned to Spartax, Rora was deactivated and left at J'son's private hanger for years.

When looking for that J'son stole the Cosmic Seed, Peter Quill came to Rora which she confused with J'son, Quill decides play along to find what he needs. When Rora found out that he is the son J'son and Meredith, she attempts to eliminate him and his friends but were able escape from the ship. Back on Spartax, J'son yells at Rora for losing Peter and orders her to find his son. Rora finds Peter Quill in time to save him, now completely over J'son, she shows him the truth about his deal with Yondu and the gives him the proof he stole the Cosmic Seed. Rora then flies off into space and with any luck she'll never see J'son again.

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