Shirley Booth is the daughter of the newspaper editor that employed Deadline Dawson in the 1940s. She fancied herself a bit of a detective and with her pet parrot Gossip hoped to show up local boy detective Terry Vance.

She got the opportunity in the spring of 1943 when Deadline Dawson was assigned by his boss to keep an eye on her. She insisted on meeting Deadline's friend Terry Vance whom she openly mocked and claimed to be the better detective. To try and prove this, she left a note with hidden clues revealing the details of the case she was trying to crack and left it with a challenge to Terry to try and figure it out for himself.

She was following local mobster Snake-Eye Smith whom the authorities could not pin any crimes to. She hid herself aboard his yacht hoping to uncover proof about his smuggling operation. Terry managed to trace the clue to Snake-Eye Smith's yacht and with the help of his ape Dr. Watson uncovered that Smith was smuggling ties during a rubber ration due to the War. Snake-Eye Smith was arrested and everyone went home safe, with Shirley not being able to keep out of trouble in the future.[1]

Her subsequent activities are unknown, but it seems that she grew out of detective work as she has not interacted with Terry Vance since.



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