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Quote1.png Shirley's a good woman. Treats me with respect. Pays me more than the job is worth. But she's big on doling out advice. I know she means well, but it gets under my skin sometimes. Quote2.png
Ben Reilly[src]


Shirley had her own coffee shop in New York City, named the Daily Grind. She had been working there for many years and raised her son Devon Lewis on her own. One day, Ben Reilly entered the coffee shop and ordered a coffee. He later found out he was short on cash and apologized to Shirley. Shirley said it was ok and told him that he could bring the rest of the money back when he would stop by again, thinking it was just a lone drifter and would never see him or the rest of her money again. Ben however returned a few days later, shaven and with a new haircut and with the money he owed her. Shirley was happily surprised to see him back. Ben told her that Shirley's kindness had showed him that even though he was broke, he did not have to look the part. Trusting the good nature of Ben, Shirley told him she still needed someone to work in the kitchen for the Daily Grind and asked him if he would like to work there. Ben happily accepted and worked at the daily grind for a few months, until his untimely death by the hands of the Green Goblin. Shirley had a verity of mainstay customers, among them Desiree Winthrop, Jessica Carradine, and Buzz.[citation needed] What happened to Shirley and the other customers after Ben left, remains to be seen.

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