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The life of this Shiro Yoshida followed a similar path to his Earth-616 counterpart up until the Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man were abducted by the Apocalypse Twins.

Sunfire and Rogue managed to get into the Twin's Apocalypse Ark, where they found Wolverine prisoner. They freed him, and learned that the Scarlet Witch was going to help the Twins. Sunfire watched as Rogue touched him to absorb the powers and they went to stop Wanda while Logan rested.[1]

Shiro Yoshida (Earth-13133) from Uncanny Avengers Vol 1 14 0002

Sunfire taking out Wonder Man

As the Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man were performing the spell, Sunfire and Rogue arrived to stop them. Before she could explain to them that she was on their side, Sunfire watched as the Scarlet Witch was stabbed by Anna Marie, who used her retractable claws she had acquired from absorption of Wolverine's powers. Shiro was about to take on Daken until Wolverine showed up. He told Sunfire to stop Wonder Man from helping complete the spell but as they went at it the rapture was complete.[2]

Sunfire was next seen in a stasis tube alongside Wolverine and Cyclops after all the mutants were transported to the Ark.[3]

Once Earth was destroyed and mutants were relocated on Planet X, Sunfire spent eight years being tortured and having his flame used to torture Wolverine, due to their attempt to thwart the Twin's plans.[4] Both him and Logan were rescued by the Chronos Corps, who were helping Havok save the Earth by transferring the consciousness of the remaining members of the Unity Division to the past.

Once rescued, Sunfire was against working with Kang. Logan had no option but to knock him out from behind in order to successfully continue with the plan.[5]

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