Sunfire was among the members of Alpha Flight sent to capture Northstar. While fighting the X-Men, he was able to overpower Firestar.[1]

Whilst at Department H, Jubilee commented that Sunfire had not powered down for days. However even his high-power level, was not enough to defeat the raged and Banshee powered Colossus.[2]

Sunfire's activities during and following the Ultimatum event remain unknown.


Seemingly those of the Shiro Yoshida of Earth-616.


  • Banshee: Sunfire utilizes the power-enhancing drug Banshee to increase his powers to a "god-like" level.[1]
  • Containment Suit: Sunfire appeared to be wearing a containment suit.


Carrier Jet

Sunfire's appearance bears similarity to his Age of Apocalypse counterpart, with plasma emitting from his body, and seemingly a containment suit.

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