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Quote1 You face Sunfire, the atomic knight -- unleashed! Quote2


Early Years[]

Shiro Yoshida (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 1 64 001

Japan's atomic champion

Shiro Yoshida was born into the influential Clan Yashida, who operates in Agarashima, Japan. His mother, a survivor of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima, died on the night of his birth. Raised under the influence of his uncle, Tomo, Shiro was indoctrinated into hating the Western world. When visiting the ruins of Hiroshima with his uncle, Shiro had his mutant powers activated, turning him into a raging furnace of atomic fire. Trained by his uncle in the use of his abilities, he was given a costume that evoked Japan's imperial colors. As Sunfire, Shiro, alongside his uncle, planned to get revenge against his enemies, the Americans. However, Shiro's father, Saburo, as one of Japan's greatest ambassadors, advocated for pacific relations with the West, which led him to disapprove his son's vindictive tendencies. Regardless, Sunfire attacked the United Nations Plaza during a diplomatic ceremony held by his father, where he was stopped by the X-Men Beast, Angel, and Iceman, who had detected his mutant signature. After escaping, he attempted to destroy the Capitol Building, but was fended off this time by the X-Men Cyclops and Marvel Girl. During the conflict, Saburo was murdered by Tomo. In a burst caused by his immediate grief, Sunfire murdered his own uncle in retaliation. As his last words, Saburo asked Shiro to live for the future and to fight for peace.[4]

A divided Sunfire returned orphaned to the land of the rising sun. In Tokyo, he met the Dragon-Lord, who sought to restore Japan's status as a world power by threatening the world and found in Sunfire an agent for his goals. On the island of Krakinowa, Sunfire was caught in a conflict with Namor the Sub-Mariner when one of the Dragon-Lord's prisoners made contact with Namor's ally, Betty Prentiss. Later, as Sunfire was sent to capture an American cargo ship, Namor intervened. However, Sunfire ultimately burned the ship down. As destruction ensued, Sunfire realized the ramifications of his actions and was convinced by Namor to team up with him to rescue the shipwrecked and defeat the Dragon-Lord. After the Dragon-Lord was defeated, Sunfire attempted to have a revenge against Namor, though he failed miserably.[5] They would clash again when Captain America and Namor battled in Osaka over a piece of the Evil Eye during the conflict between the Avengers and the Defenders. Sunfire interrupted them and took the Eye for himself feeling neither of them had the right to fight over it in his homeland. He held it for a moment before Namor knocked him out of the sky, causing it to fall into Captain America's hands.[6]

In order to regain his honor in Japan, Sunfire took it upon himself to advance Japan's reconstruction work in Vietnam. There, a Vietnamese Major proposed an agreement for him to eliminate Iron Man to gain top priority from his government, which was just a deception to off the golden avenger for his benefit. Sunfire gladly agreed, considering taking out the bodyguard of Tony Stark, whose corporation rivaled those of Japan's. When Sunfire ambushed Iron Man and Roxie Gilbert, the two heroes fought until Sunfire was suddenly teleported to the Mandarin's underwater base. Mandarin, trapped in the Unicorn's dying body, baited the trapped Sunfire into powering his Mind-Exchange Machine to return him and Unicorn to their proper bodies.[7] As Iron Man attacked the Mandarin's base, Sunfire realized the potential for his escape. However, the ensuing destruction of Iron Man and Mandarin's fight resulted in the base flooding, and Sunfire nearly drowned, only to be freed with Iron Man's assistance.[8] Later, Sunfire endeavored to defeat Ultimo, whom Mandarin summoned to take back his castle from the Yellow Claw. He had very little success, though, due to using up most of his solar power earlier in his escape. Sunfire tried to use his remaining solar power to fly away, but he wasn't fast enough and ended up in its grasp. Fortunately, Iron Man managed to free him once again, and they worked together again to trick the alien robot into burying itself under a mountain. As Sunfire parted ways with Iron Man, seeing him as an ally and reconsidering his views of America.[9]


When most of the original X-Men were trapped by Krakoa, Sunfire was one of the mutants recruited by Professor Charles Xavier to rescue his original students. Though he had no interest in joining other mutants, Sunfire agreed by feeling honor bound and wishing to reintroduce himself as a warrior to the world. During the mission, Sunfire formed an assault team with Nightcrawler. The rescue was a success[10] but, right after the mission, Sunfire left the team, alleging his loyalty lied with his country only and departing on bad terms with the X-Men.[11]

Working to protect Japan's sacred honor in his views, Sunfire attacked Stark Industries, claiming Tony Stark's interventionist approach in Japan was disgraceful since he allegedly bribed Japanese officials to perform his transactions. Stark went to protect his facilities, wearing the Guardsman Armor, which prevented Sunfire to recognize him as Iron Man. The fight was interrupted by Michael O'Brien, who wore the Iron Man suit. However, the Mandarin, seeking revenge for his last defeat, captured O'Brien with a teleportation device, believing him to be the real Iron Man.[12] When Stark returned to the fight, this time as Iron Man, he believed Sunfire had blasted O'Brien out of existence and a battle ensued. With the intervention of Jasper Sitwell and Fujiko Watanabe, Sunfire was knocked out.[13]

Sunfire and the X-Men met again when the latter, after becoming adrift following an incident in the Savage Land, were rescued by the Jinguichi Maru ship's crew and docked at Agarashima. The city was devastated by a fire, a result of an earthquake. As the X-Men attempted to help, they were confronted by Sunfire, who led a team of combat troops and ordered their arrest. Sunfire was stopped by the Daughters of the Dragon, the detectives Misty Knight and Colleen Wing. The groups settled at the Yoshida Manor, where they were surprised by another earthquake and attacked by mercenaries wearing Mandroid Armors. After Sunfire and the X-Men defeated the villains, the architect behind the attacks was revealed to be Moses Magnum, who schemed to threaten the Japanese government into crowning him Emperor of Japan.[14] Sanctioned by the Prime Minister of Japan, Sunfire accompanied the X-Men in infiltrating Magnum's complex in the Kuril Islands. With Banshee's effort, Magnum's base was destroyed and his plans foiled. Sunfire then signalled the Daughters of the Dragon to rescue the X-Men and welcome them back to his home during Christmas.[15] As the X-Men left, Sunfire for the first time declared he regarded the fellow mutants as friends.[16]

Japan's Super Warrior[]

Sunfire rose as Japan's greatest super-hero warrior, always operating for the Japanese government's best interests. When several heroes of Earth were abducted by the Grandmaster and Death to be part of the Contest of Champions, Sunfire was part of the large group of players. Grandmaster battled Death over the right of restoring his brother, the Collector to life. Sunfire was recruited to be part of Death's first team of champions, who were tasked of assembling the Golden Globe of Life.[17] On the North Pole, alongside Invisible Girl and Iron Fist, Sunfire was supposed to compete against Daredevil, Darkstar, and Talisman. However, he chose to act without his teammates' consent and search for the prize by himself and attacked Darkstar, causing a conflict between the two groups. When Daredevil claimed a piece of the globe, Sunfire's squad found their defeat.[18] At the end of the contest, the heroes returned home.[19]

When the X-Men returned to Earth coming from an adventure in the Battleworld, they emerged in the Kanagawa Prefecture with giant dragon who had disrupted their teleport. As the dragon headed to Tokyo seeking to destroy it, the Japanese defenses forces, assisted by the lord of Yashida Clan, Sunfire's cousin Mariko, sent Sunfire to help with the crisis. Sunfire joined forces with his allies, the X-Men, in combating the dragon, who was eventually convinced by Lockheed to leave.[20]

As Japan's prime hero, Sunfire tried to keep his community free from menaces, like super-villains such as the Corruptor, who believed Japan provided opportunities for his activities as a bank robber. As Shiro Yoshida, however, he maintained a humble disguise, by enrolling at the University of Tokyo as a student. When attending the inauguration of a new science building he had built for Tokyo university, Yoshida had the opportunity to encounter the funder of the building, Dr. Kishi Oramosha, as he discoursed to the crowd. Oramosha, much to Yoshida's disappointment, revealed himself to be an ultranationalist terrorist named Deadline and shared his plans of destroying major cities, using a solar-based device to force an international union against corporate exploitation of Earth. His first chosen target was Tokyo, a city with no super heroes. Enraged by this revelation, Yoshida came out as Sunfire and fought Deadline, hopelessly trying to destroy his machine. Being supported by his colleague, Erin, a French exchange student, Sunfire redirected the machine's energy using his powers, rendering it useless. With Deadline arrested, Tokyo was saved.[21]

Sunfire was eventually enlisted by Yoritomo, a Japanese nationalist who had been Shiro's idol since he was a child. With Yoritomo by his side, Shiro Yoshida rose as a powerful businessman, making deals with Roxxon to acquire Cybertek weaponry. After a transaction was made with Harlan Ryker, Yoshida and Yoritomo discussed their plans of creating an army of super-agents to restore Japan's grandeur. However, a disagreement ensued between the two partners, as Yoshida wished to restore Japan's honor with a defensive task force and Yoritomo sought for revenge and power. Enraged, Yoritomo secretly attempted to murder Yoshida using Terminal Armors, who had no chance against the power of Sunfire. Though Ryker was framed by Yoritomo, Sunfire learned the truth after being restrained by Ryker's unwilling bodyguard, Deathlok. With S.H.I.E.L.D.'s assistance, the heroes joined forces to stop Yoritomo's plans of nuking Washington, D.C.[22]

When an experimental drug, known as Sleet, was introduced to the water supply of a small village in Japan, its inhabitants tragically perished in an act of chemical warfare. The Japanese government commissioned Sunfire to investigate, and the clues brought him to Madripoor. There, he contacted one of his father's respected friends, Cable, whose investigation, similarly to Sunfire's, led him to reach the Mutant Liberation Front. Teaming up with Cable's New Mutants, Sunfire confronted some MLF's members and invaded their hideout. Sunfire and the New Mutants were captured by Stryfe, who confirmed the MLF was behind the production of Sleet, part of a plan to poison the major capital cities of the world.[23] As Sunfire and the New Mutants broke free, the MLF was fended off with the help of Wolverine, allowing Sunfire to incinerate the Sleet supply.[24]

Zero Fluid[]

When Magneto disrupted Earth's magnetic field by unleashing a massive electromagnetic pulse, Sunfire was unprotected when caught by the onslaught wave.[25] The experience caused him to uncontrollably release his atomic blazes upon Tokyo. Though no one was harmed by this incident, the Japanese government, fearing a potential nuclear disaster, reacted with extreme caution by imprisoning Sunfire. He was freed by his cousin, the new leader of the Clan Yashida, Silver Samurai, with the assistance of Wolverine. Concurrently, Bastion saw an opportunity to carry out his Operation: Zero Tolerance against mutants all over the globe, including Japan, convincing the Japanese government to reactivate the mechanoid Red Ronin as an anti-mutant asset. The Silver Samurai, a mutant himself, asked for Wolverine's and Sunfire's help in shutting the Red Ronin's installation down. After the Red Ronin was activated, Sunfire lost control of his powers one more time in order to escape from being crushed by the already deactivated robot. Wolverine managed to calm him down and suggested him to get support in Canada, with Department H, since Sunfire's reputation was damaged by the Japanese media.[26]

Now a man without a country, Sunfire arrived at Department H, where he was immediately identified and apprehended as an intruder.[27] As a prisoner, Sunfire was experimented on as part of the "Helios Project" run by Dr. Horatio Huxley, who claimed Sunfire was afflicted by radiation poisoning.[28] Unexpectedly, Sunfire was rescued by Alpha Flight rookie members Radius, Murmur, and Flex, who left Department H.[29] However, the band of runaways became victims of Mesmero's mental manipulation powers in a restaurant. Though Sunfire initially resisted Mesmero's control, he was ultimately forced to act as a cook for his restaurant. Although Murmur managed to break them all free from Mesmero, the other, more experienced, members of Alpha Flight were targeted instead.[30] As a battle ensued, Sunfire and Alpha Flight overpowered Mesmero, who managed to escape.[31]

As Sunfire worked with Alpha Flight, his condition worsened, evidenced by a dark spot developing on his abdomen.[1] Still subjected to Huxley's experiments, Sunfire's entire right half of his body was covered by the black splotch.[32] Since he found no help in Department H and Alpha Flight, Sunfire decided to return to Japan, even if it meant for him to be imprisoned.[33] Before leaving, he helped Alpha Flight to counter an invasion performed by the Zodiac.[34]

Sunfire made a private return to Japan, settling in an abandoned ancient temple in the Quonon province, where he intended to await for his end in peace. However, his was located by Hiro Takachiho, a young genius who idolized Sunfire as a hero and tracked his bio-atomic signature. Their reunion was interrupted by the Silver Samurai and his new super-hero group, the Big Hero Six, who wished to recruit both Sunfire and Hiro for the team. Sunfire refused, alleging his heroic days were over,[35] but accepted help from Big Hero Six to assess his condition. However, Hiro's mother was kidnapped by the villain Everwraith, in an blackmailing attempt to have Sunfire. When Hiro approached Sunfire a second time, he found only a shadow of a hero and lost his hope for help.[36] Hiro and the Big Hero Six attempted to stop Everwraith, in order to rescue his mother and protect Tokyo. Sunfire decided to join the group as a hero and learned Everwraith wished to forge a stronger Japan by causing destruction. When Everwraith tampered with Sunfire's powers, Hiro suggested him to release it as a way to control it, assuming a bio-kinetic charge had been introduced to his organism, causing conflicts with his solar-based powers. The action caused Everwraith's defeat, apparently at the cost of Sunfire's life. However, Hiro once again met him, as he was sure his hero had survived. As Sunfire departed back to Canada to investigate his condition, Hiro shared Sunfire had not only a fan but also a friend.[37]

Yakiba Agent[]

Recovered from his infection with the Zero Fluid, Sunfire returned to serve Japan, this time by working with Yakiba, a clandestine elite defense faction of the Japanese military. When investigations identified a shapeshifter involved in murderous secret activities in Japanese facilities, Yakiba sent Sunfire to track Mystique. As Sunfire and Yakiba agents invaded Mystique's apartment in Brooklyn, they clashed with her daughter, the X-Man Rogue, instead.[38] With Sunfire believing Rogue to be Mystique, they engaged in a fight. After proving her identity, Rogue convinced Sunfire that Mystique had actually been framed.[39]

The X-Men revealed to Sunfire that Skrulls under Apocalypse's orders were behind the misguiding leads and that he was named as one of the mythical "Twelve" mutants. After Sunfire got access to this information, he alerted his associates in Yakiba. However, before they could take any action, Sunfire was abducted by the Horseman of Apocalypse Famine.[40] As one of the "Twelve", Sunfire represented the power of nature along with Storm and Iceman and was trapped by Apocalypse, who wished to channel their powers for himself.[41] Apocalypse was ultimately stopped by the X-Men, an action that allowed Sunfire to get his freedom again.[42]

After being exposed to "Zero Fluid," Sunfire began having problems with his power. The Weapon Plus Project falsely told him his powers and the fluid had formed cancer throughout his body and that he would have had to serve them for the necessary treatments. After refusing, Sunfire was shot by Wild Child and was thought dead, though he managed to survive.[43] With a new outlook on life after his near death experience, Sunfire looked at things differently, re-joining the X-Men after they went global.[44]

Fallen Sun[]

It was publicly leaked that Sunfire and his uncle had dealings with mutant terrorists from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Mystique, Rogue, and Blindspot, back in the day. They plotted to steal the plans for the Adamantium bonding process created by Lord Dark Wind. Tomo Yoshida wished to create an army of "invincible samurai" with this process, while the Brotherhood would have received a substantial amount of money in return. However, the plot failed forcing Blindspot to remove the memories of all involved, including Dark Wind's daughter, Lady Deathstrike. While Deathstrike's cybernetic implants enabled her to restore her missing memories and plan for revenge, Silver Samurai was reverted to being a criminal by Blindspot. Rogue contacted Sunfire about the crisis and the two sought to learn the truth.[45] During a subsequent battle with an enraged Deathstrike, Sunfire's powers triggered a sprinkler system, filling the environment with steam. Lady Deathstrike furtively moved behind him and severed his legs from his body.[46] While prisoners to Deathstrike, Sunfire told Rogue to absorb his mutant powers so she could fight her. She agreed, but only with a momentary touch so as not to strain his condition. Blindspot pushed Rogue onto Sunfire however, forcing a permanent absorption. Sunfire was presumed to be dead, and the X-Men were unable to find his body.[47]

In actuality, Sunfire was taken to a private infirmary and kept under watchful guard by members of Clan Yoshida and the Hand, who tried to convince him to accept prosthetic limbs. However, being suicidal, Sunfire only wished for a sword so that he could end his misery. He then received a visit from the newly resurrected Apocalypse who gave him an enticing offer to join him in saving mutantkind, in return for which Apocalypse would restore his powers and his lost limbs, allowing him to get revenge against those who had maimed him. Sunfire accepted.[48] Soon before starting the process of being transformed into a Horseman, Sunfire regretted his alliance with Apocalypse and attempted to escape his pyramid ship after defeating Ozymandias. As he struggled with his choice of escaping, he decided not to leave the mutant Gazer behind to suffer by also being turned into a Horseman. As Sunfire failed since Gazer's transformation into War had been a success, he was also transformed into one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse.[49]

As Apocalypse's loyal Horseman Famine, Sunfire assisted in an attack against the X-Mansion, using his solar flares to give their eyes and brain imagery that forced them to feel like they were starving.[50] Famine was ultimately knocked out by Rogue and taken into the X-Men's custody.[51] As Gazer attempted to recapture him for Apocalypse, Sunfire proved to have overcome his brainwashing and refused to rejoin the Horsemen.[52] Slightly recovered, Sunfire then fled the X-Mansion and joined the X-Men in their final battle against Apocalypse at the United Nations.[53] After Apocalypse managed to escape, Sunfire decided to help the Horseman of Death Gambit recover his reason by cleansing him with scorching hot flames, that led him to abandon his loyalty to their former master. The duo joined forces to recruit the Horseman of Pestilence Polaris, but were met with her rejection. Back to Japan, Sunfire and Gambit were approached by Mister Sinister.[54]

Under Sinister's guidance, Sunfire and Gambit got a new purpose with Marauders, a group of mercenaries assembled by Sinister to find Destiny's Diaries and eliminate people who had had contact with information about the future. Sunfire and Gambit attacked the time-traveller Cable in the dead island nation of Providence, apparently being successful in eliminating him.[55][56] Sunfire then intercepted Iceman and Cannonball, who had been attacked by the other Marauders but managed to escape.[57] Sunfire failed and was incapacitated and restrained by the two X-Men,[58] but soon rescued by the Marauders.[59]

The Marauders' actions aimed at keeping the X-Men ignorant about the birth of the he first mutant baby born after M-Day. When the child was born in Cooperstown, Alaska, the Marauders violently clashed with the mutant-hating Purifiers, a massacre the X-Men were unable to prevent.[60] The X-Men followed the Marauders to their base but were overpowered for being attacked by multiple enemies.[61] Their attack also led the Marauders to realize that Cable had survived the murder attempt and was protecting the mutant baby by himself.[62] The Marauders managed to find the baby with Cable and Bishop in Eagle Plaza, the latter was put out of commission by Sunfire.[63] During the final battle to get the baby on Muir Island, Sunfire was knocked out while most of the other Marauders died or escaped.[64]

Uncanny Avenger[]

Lost and facing an identity crisis, Yoshida gave up his Sunfire identity and wandered in a drunk haze around Tokyo, where Wolverine offered him a position with Avengers Unity Squad. He initially refused for regarding himself as disgraced and no longer a superhero. Wolverine informed him about the Red Skull violating Charles Xavier's telepathic brain, which prompted Sunfire to accept the offer. When revealing their roster to the public, the team was attacked by the Grim Reaper, who was accidentally killed by Rogue.[65]

Sunfire joined the Avengers just before Apocalypse's Clan Akkaba had its leadership taken by the Apocalypse Twins. As their first action, the twins assassinated a Celestial Gardener, catching the attention of S.W.O.R.D.'s director Abigail Brand, who invited Captain America and Sunfire to the Peak for help. Clan Akkaba's Ship attacked the Peak forcing its occupants to escape. When Captain America's escape pod did not function, Sunfire sacrificed his own to save Captain America.[66] As the escape pods drifted away, the Twins' ship blasted the Peak in half. Sunfire fell to Earth, atomizing the debris and saving millions of civilians in Rio de Janeiro. Alongside Thor, Sunfire travelled to the Akkaba Metropolis where the Apocalypse Twins fully introduced themselves. In an act of mischief to damage the relationships in the Unity Division, the twins revealed that Wolverine and his X-Force had secretly assassinated a child version of Apocalypse and Archangel, the twins' father.[67]

The Unity Division members ultimately found themselves divided, and Sunfire sided with Wolverine alongside Thor and Rogue.[68] Searching for Clan Akkaba, Sunfire and his teammates found Ozymandias in Cairo, who led them to a base in Socotra where the Akkaba Nebula was hidden. There, they fought the Horsemen of Death Sentry and Daken.[69] Sunfire and Rogue found Wolverine, after he had been crucified by Daken. Wolverine erroneously informed them about the Scarlet Witch betraying the team, causing Sunfire to pair up with Rogue to stop her from calling the mutants to the Twins' ship.[70] they ultimately failed as Rogue killed the Scarlet Witch, who managed to sacrifice herself to cast a spell and gather all the mutants like the Apocalypse Twins had planned.[71]

Earth was destroyed by the Celestial Exitar in retaliation for the Celestial Gardener's death.[72] The surviving Apocalypse Twin Eimin created a mutant exclusive planet populated by the mutants the Scarlet Witch had collected. For years, Sunfire was kept hidden and locked in a pod in stasis alongside Wolverine, since they knew about the real reasons that had caused Earth's destruction. During this time they were guarded and tortured by Banshee.[73] They were rescued by Havok and Kang the Conqueror's Chronos Corps, which allowed Sunfire to have his revenge against Banshee. Sunfire refused to work with Kang, but was knocked out by Wolverine before he could react. This allowed Magistrate Braddock to send their psyches to the past, to a time before the Scarlet Witch's death and Earth's destruction.[74]

In the past, the Unity Division put their differences aside as Sunfire reasoned with Rogue. As the Avengers attacked the Apocalypse Twins united, they unwillingly allowed Kang the Conqueror to absorb the Celestial power to become omnipotent.[75] Sunfire and Havok attempted to interrupt the process, but Kang managed to destroy Sunfire's body. However, for having had contact with the cosmic energies of the Celestial, Sunfire was reborn in a state of pure energy. With his new powers, Sunfire managed to obliterate the Apocalypse Twin's armada while Havok defeated Kang.[76]

World War Hate[]

When Sunfire and other Avengers fought Plantman in New York, they came to know that the Red Skull had ascended to Red Onslaught, causing tremendous telepathic havok all over the world. Under Steve Roger's orders, Avengers and X-Men went to Genosha to fight Red Onslaught.[77] Sunfire was captured along with the other heroes and stored within one of Red Onslaught's Stark Sentinels after being shrunk with Pym Particles.[78] They were freed when Magneto led a team of super-villains against the Stark Sentinels. The Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom then stopped Red Onslaught by casting an inversion spell which forceed a fragment of Charles Xavier's psyche to emerge and knock the villain out.[79]

The spell had inadvertently caused heroes and villains to have their moral axis inverted, including Sunfire. Sunfire joined the X-Men, at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, to declare the unification of mutants and to reveal their new agenda of no longer wanting coexistence between humans and mutants. Instead, the mutant heroes wanted to stand above humans, being led by Genesis, who had become Apocalypse due to the inversion spell.[80]

Apparently still under Red Onslaught's influence, Sunfire teamed up with Longshot to retrieve a nuclear device that was in possession of Serval Industries' private superhero team X-Factor.[81] Sunfire had the opportunity to reunite with his former allies, Polaris and Gambit. During the fight, Cypher managed to teleport Sunfire and Longshot to Tokyo, causing them to fail in their mission.[82]

Under the new Apocalypse's orders, Sunfire was among the X-Men who invaded New York City in the Celestial Ship. The X-Men violently defeated Captain America in the Avengers Tower.[83] They also broadcast a warning for humankind, proclaimed Manhattan their mutant capital and issued an ultimatum that all humans should be evacuated or perish. Clan Akkaba also devised a gene bomb to kill every non-mutant being on Earth.[84]

Sunfire and the X-Men got into a fight against the team Magneto assembled with supervillains that had been inverted on Genosha. The X-Men defeated them,[85] but an inverted Carnage sacrificed himself to prevent the X-Men's gene bomb from fully detonating.[86] Later, the inverted Avengers attacked the X-Men. In the ensuing battle, an inverted Doctor Doom and Scarlet Witch, possessed by the spirit of Daniel Drumm, cast another inversion spell that returned almost every hero and villain to normal, including Sunfire.[87]

After the incident, Sunfire chose to make amends with X-Factor by approaching them to beg for forgiveness. Polaris invited him to join X-Factor in a mission in the Middle East to fight Ammit, the Soul Eater.[88] Sunfire's temper ignited a violent confrontation between X-Factor and Ammit. The demon goddess was ultimately defeated by Danger.[89] Sunfire returned with X-Factor to Serval Industries after the mission and did not rejoin the Avengers after that.[90]

Inhuman Crisis[]

After it was revealed that the Inhuman Terrigen Clouds were toxic to mutants,[91] Sunfire joined Cyclops and his X-Men in his activities to protect mutantkind.[92] The X-Men planned to render one of the Terrigen Clouds inert using Alchemy's powers. Sunfire carried Alchemy by flying through the mists. Although they were successful in nullifying its lethality, Alchemy tragically perished during the process. The Inhumans publicly executed Cyclops in retaliation and, as a consequence, the X-Men who sided with him had their reputation severely damaged.[93]

The Terrigen kept harming mutants all over the world. Sunfire decided to protect a group of Asian mutant refugees, but they accidentally stumbled upon Weirdworld. Their movement was tracked by the X-Men, who arrived to help them.[94] Storm and the X-Men were particularly cautious with Sunfire due to his past association with Cyclops. However, they put their differences aside and made saving the harmed mutants a priority.[95] As the situation with the Inhumans escalated, Sunfire joined the X-Men in their attack against New Attilan.[96] Eventually, thanks to Emma Frost's machinations, the Inhuman mists were destroyed and mutantkind was safe from being poisoned by them.[97]

Sunfire then joined Emma Frost's mutant nation of New Tian after Hydra took over America. Alongside Frenzy and Random he rebelled against Hydra's forces in New Tian's borders.[98] As a member of New Tian's X-Men, Sunfire also clashed with the group of Inhuman heroes known as the Warriors. Initially, the two groups fought themselves, but then joined forces to counter-attack Hydra's forces.[99]


Sunfire recovered his honor and position as Japan's prime hero, which was evidenced when he was invited by the Black Panther to join an international super-summit in the Avengers Mountain, consolidating his influence in the superhero international community.[100] Around this period, Sunfire was assembled alongside many other mutants by Jean Grey and other telepaths associated with the X-Men to opposed the crazed Nate Grey from remaking the world in his image. When Nate Grey realized that his vision of the world would never come about with the X-Men around, he made his enemies vanish in an instant, apparently eliminating them, including Sunfire.[101]

In fact, the mutants were brainwashed and transported to a different reality created by Nate Grey using a Life Seed. In this reshaped mutant exclusive world, familial and romantic relationships were strongly discouraged or illegal. Sunfire became a Civil Management instructor at the Summers Institute for Higher Learning, which was aimed at teaching mutant children how to control their mutant abilities and use them to better society. Sunfire guided his students on how to keep and manage the peace.[102][103] In one of his classes, he was seen suggesting his students to embark on a mentorship program with Department X clerks.[103] After some mutants managed to see through Nate Grey's illusion, the X-Men defeated him and Sunfire returned to the mainstream reality with the rest of the trapped mutants.[104]

The Krakoan Sun[]

When Professor X founded a mutant exclusive island nation on Krakoa, all mutantkind was granted Krakoan citizenship.[105] Sunfire joined mutantkind in this next step of their trajectory. When the Symbiote God Knull attacked Earth and covered it in darkness, Krakoa was one of his targets. Sunfire opposed Knull's minions, but was knocked out. Fabian Cortez used his amplifying powers to elevate Sunfire's levels, allowing him to act as "the Krakoan sun" and obliterate the Symbiotes.[106] However, Sunfire was assassinated by a Symbiote-infected Cable.[2] It is implied that Sunfire returned through the Krakoan Resurrection Protocols.

As an adored Krakoan hero, Sunfire was elected to the new X-Men team during the Hellfire Gala,[107] declaring his wish of being of service for mutantkind.[108] The new X-Men were based at the Treehouse, in the Seneca Gardens located in Central Park. After forming this team fought off two alien attacks, one by the Mind Reaver in Manhattan, the other by the Annihilation Wave in Kansas. This was the work of the intergalactic crime lord Cordyceps Jones who had been running bets on who could destroy the Earth first on his casino Gameworld. Sunfire's intense powers proved to be a key factor in the X-Men's victory and his actions were recognized by civilians they had protected.[109] Later on, Sunfire and the X-Men fought the High Evolutionary,[110] the Reavers,[111] and Doctor Stasis' minions.[112]

Gradually, Sunfire demonstrated an interest in Planet Arakko, spending a lot of his free time on the new mutant world. When the human billionaire Feilong was tracked for attempting to land on Arakko, S.W.O.R.D. agents contacted Sunfire, who intercepted Feilong on Phobos. Sunfire tried to reason with Feilong by suggesting him to leave the Arakkii territory, but they were interrupted by the Arakkii warrior Vornak. After Feilong murdered Vornak, Sunfire had no choice but to cede Phobos to human control.[113] Eventually, Sunfire started building a temple in Arakko. After being opposed by some vicious Arakki, he slayed them in combat. Next to his temple, he planted a Japanese Mizunara oak sapling, which developed into the visage of Redroot under Arakko's influence. As Storm contacted Sunfire about retrieving Redroot from Otherworld, he also shared his intention to not be restrained to Arakko but also explore the vast universe.[114]

Shiro would spend months travelling Otherworld searching for Redroot, eventually rescuing her from a Blightswill factory after a fight with Moira X[115], and returning her (while being merged to her in order to save her life) to Arakko after being found and rescued by Apocalypse.[116][117] Back on Arakko, him, Redroot, Apocalypse, the demon Orc and Vulcan cast a spell to summon Kaorak[118], to help Storm defeat Genesis and win the Genesis War.[119] Eventually he and Redroot got separated by Storm and Weaponless Zsen and she resumed her duty as Voice of Arakko.[116]

During mutantkind's war against the terrorist organization Orchis, Sunfire would serve alongside Apocalypse as one of the leaders of the army of Arakko.[120] Later, Apocalypse would offer Sunfire and Archangel, his two most favored former heralds, the role of acting as his heir in guiding mutantkind's future on Earth and Arakko. Both would decline.[121]


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Sunfire is an Alpha-mutant:[122]

  • Solar Radiation Manipulation: Shiro's mutant powers enable him to absorb solar and other radiation to generate the process of ionized matter (usually air) through a mentally-triggered unknown biochemical process so that it is converted to plasma, the superheated state of matter. Plasma is the state in which matter making up the sun exists; hence, Sunfire refers to his projecting "solar fire". His power was later enhanced by metabolizing the cosmic lifeblood of a Celestial.[76]
    • Plasma Emission: Sunfire can generate plasma temperatures which match those that can be generated by the Human Torch, reaching about 1,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit at maximum level. He can also use his power in a massive blast similar to Johnny Storm's "Nova Burst". However, Shiro has much more control over the area of effect, enough to where one person may feel like they have been sunbathing all day to total incineration of another target. He has the ability to project the "solar fire" he generates as powerful blasts of energy. At it's highest, the solar flares projected by Shiro was capable of destroying thousands of Kang's warheads at once. [76] Sunfire's plasma cannot be doused by water due to being fueled by his internal reserves, unlike ordinary fire.
    • Superheated Aura: Defensively, his ability to emit plasma acts as a protective field of intense heat that can melt incoming bullets or stave off other attacks.
    • Flight via Plasma Propulsion: He can use his powers to create superheated air currents which push him forward through the air, enabling him to fly. Often this superheated air is visible as a trail of flame behind Sunfire. The upper limit to the speed Sunfire can achieve in flight is not yet known, although it is known to be greater than that of the Angel, who can reach 150 miles per hour.
    • Heat Sense: His senses are able to tune in deeper into the EM spectrum. Shiro has the ability to sense beings by the heat signature that they give off.
  • Psionic Solar Shield: He is protected from the heat and radiation he emits by a short-range psionic force field which automatically comes into being whenever there is air friction, and also prevents excessive amounts of light from the plasma from reaching his eyes so as to blind or damage them. Sunfire's body emits a protective field whenever he uses his powers. However, it is speculated that he can generate power in excess of his natural protection.
    • Bio-Oxygen Generation: When Sunfire was transformed into the Horseman of Famine, he was given the ability to produce oxygen, allowing him to maintain his flames and breathe in areas lacking oxygen, like deep space.[67]


Martial Artist: Sunfire is trained in karate, Japanese Samurai swordsmanship, and kendo.[123]



Flight under his own power, formerly X-Men Stratojet.


  • Although Shiro never seemed to officially accept Professor Xavier's invitation of X-Men membership, he is considered a member because he did agree to help in the very important mission in Giant-Size X-Men #1. Many years later, he unequivocally became an X-Man in X-Men (Vol. 5) #21.
  • Both "Yoshida" and "Yashida" seem to be correct spellings of his surname; however, while the word is plausible in the Japanese romanization system, "Yashida" as a family name does not exist.
  • When he was Famine his costume looked similar to that of his Earth-295/Age of Apocalypse counterpart.
  • According to the narration of Alpha Flight (Vol. 2) #7 (February, 1998), Sunfire's grandfather was in Nagasaki during World War II. When the atomic bomb fell in the city, the grandfather was exposed to the radiation. He died of radiation poisoning.[1]

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