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Shirrel Rhoades

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Shirrel Rhoades

Real Name
Shirrel Rhoades

Executive Vice President, Publishing


Date of Birth

May 19, 1942

Personal History

Shirrel Rhoades has been Publisher of Marvel Comics and Executive Vice President of Publishing for Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.[1]

In June 1996, Marvel Comics Group's President Jerry Calabrese contacted Shirrel Rhoades to serve as de facto Publisher, while the title was officially held by Stan Lee.[1]

Later, in October 1996, Marvel Entertainment Group President David J. Schreff and newly-employed CEO Scott Sassa hired Rhoades as Executive Vice President of Publishing, later officially replacing Stan Lee as Publisher.[1]

In June 1998, Toy Biz owners Isaac Perlmutter and Avi Arad took control of Marvel Entertainment Group from Ronald Perelman and Carl Icahn. Toy Biz acquired the M.E.G. on October 01, 1998, then renaming itself Marvel Enterprises, Inc.; both Rhoades and President & Chief Executive Joseph Calamari were fired by the new stockholders, who then appointed Jerry Calabrese as President of Marvel Comics.[1]

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