Shoba Mirza was one of the many Igniter Spirits who were forced by Arcade and Chief Zadkiel to race in the Killiseum's Ghost Races for the entertainment of its audience. Like the other Spirits of Ignition, Shoba raced to get the first place prize, which was temporary freedom from the arena, otherwise, she would be sent to its dungeons to be tortured along with the other losers. Shoba, as well as other Ghost Racers, was killed by the Venus Compiler, Arcade's killer automaton, while it chased the rebellious Robbie Reyes.[1]


Seemingly those of the Shoba Mirza of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Shoba Mirza of Earth-616.


Shoba rode a flaming pachyderm.


The benefit of two extra arms in her Ghost Rider form allowed Shoba to wield several weapons at the same time. She had been observed wielding a spear, a bow, and a sword, but it is unrevealed if Shoba possessed any other weaponry.

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