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When the sentient bacteria Arkea traveled to Earth seeking revenge on her brother Sublime, she used a series of asteroids and meteors as her mode of transportation back to Earth. One of these meteors landed in Budapest, causing widespread destruction. The X-Man Jubilee, in Hungary at the time, adopted a baby orphaned by the meteor strike, whom she named Shogo.[2]

Jubilee and Shogo at the train station.

Unbeknownst to Jubilee, Shogo was being used as a host by Arkea. Arkea used her ability of technopathy to possess machinery to stop a train they were traveling on and killed the drivers, although the intervention of the X-Men prevented any further loss of life. Arkea left Shogo's body after Jubilee arrived at the Jean Grey School, opting instead to use the body of Omega Sentinel as a way to take over the school's entire computer system.[citation needed]

Sublime, who had followed Jubilee and Shogo to the school to warn the X-Men about his sister, explained that Shogo had essentially been "reset" upon Arkea leaving him - and also offered the opinion that Shogo was Jubilee's son. While the X-Men and Sublime tracked down and dealt with the Arkea threat in a specialized hospital in Budapest, Shogo and Jubilee stayed behind in a van. As Jubilee gave Storm and the team intel on the hospital's layout, she began to multitask by searching records to see if Shogo had any living relatives. By the time the X-Men and a now recovered Karima returned to the van, Jubilee explained with confidence that she was Shogo's mother.[3] Jubilee's adoption paperwork came through and she is now Shogo's new legal mother.[4]




  • Shogo is one of the only humans living on Krakoa.[6]
  • Jubilee once asked Kyle Jinadu to babysit Shogo because he needed "more 'positive human influences' in his life."[7]

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