Shooter was a member of Geronimo Crowe's resistance group who was task to fight against the Administrator and his Watchtower. She helped rescue Wolverine after he had been captured by Deadpool and the Administrator's team the Scourge.[1]

Shooter engaged the Administrator's personal guard in battle by using an energy weapon built within her cybernetic arm. Once they took care of the "goon squad", she wanted to finish off Deadpool even though his reason for helping the Administrator was to heal the mutant Siryn who laid in suspended animation inside a stasis tube.

Shooter got trigger happy and fired a blast that hit Deadpool in the head while knocking the tube to the ground. This caused Siryn to wake up while she used her voice to crack the glass open thus releasing her from the pod. Shooter became bewildered by Theresa's sonic voice asking if this was normal. Wolverine conveyed that that the return of her mutant abilities was a minor miracle.

After a brief discussion between Theresa and Logan, Shooter went along with her team to another Watchtower safehouse but after taking out one of the guards they found out the Administrator was only here as a projected hologram leading them to another dead end.[2]


Could fire beams of energy

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