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Shredder was a killer for hire who enjoyed torturing others. He fought Wolverine years ago and nearly killed him.[1] When drug dealers Sid and Whitie two-timed him,[2] Harry Gavino hired the Shredder to go after them. Sid and Whitie, having survived after the plane they were flying on crashed in the Canadian wilderness. Shredder later learned that Sid Whitie from an elderly couple that the criminals had stolen a motorhome from them. Shredded thanked the couple by killing them. Whitie, while driving the motorhome, crashed it after one of his hostages attacked him. Whitie's back was broken and left behind by Sid. Shredder found Whitie and killed him after getting the info he needed.[3]

Shredder eventually found Sid at Lake Vague and killed him. One of Sid's hostages told him of a safe that she could open if she let the other hostage, her son, live. Shredded agreed and took a boat out onto Lake Vague. During Shredder's mission, he was being tracked by Wolverine and the Hulk. When Shredder tossed one of the hostages into the water, Wolverine asked Hulk to save the hostage while he went after Shredder. Wolverine boarded Shredder's boat and battled him, eventually crashing the boat on dry land. Shredder badly hurt Wolverine while he was stunned, but Wolverine sliced his right arm off and left him to be eaten by a mountain lion.[1]

Shredder later appeared as one of the many souls in Hell that Marduk Kurios sent to fight Wolverine.[4]


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Shredder's claws are capable of easily rending flesh and impaling people.


Shredder is an expert tracker.



His claws

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