Shri is a student of the Pan-Asian School For The Unusually Gifted run by Jimmy Woo and Sanjar Javeed. She was the modern incarnation of the eight-armed Hindu god Durga.[1]

As part of the annual intermural competition known as the Contest of Champions, Shri was chosen as one of the three students to represent the Pan-Asian School For The Unusually Gifted.[1] Along with Gang, Pom Pom and others students from around the world, Shri helped to battle Thanos' forces during his attempted invasion of Earth.[2]

Shri (Earth-616) from Infinity The Hunt Vol 1 3 001

Shri using her powers


Shri is the modern incarnation of the Hindu god Durga and has demonstrated the following abilities:

  • Energy Weapon Generation: She possesses the ability to generate different energy weapons from each of her eight arms.[1]

  • Shri appears to be of the Hindu faith, believing in reincarnation.[3]

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