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Centuries ago, a group of alien humanoids settled the largest planet in the Keystone Quadrant star system. They built a complex to house and treat the insane, recording their medical observations in a psychiatric diary. When the "Shrinks" funding was cut, they abandoned the project, but not before they created a staff of robot stewards to provide for the humanoids. They then separated the quadrant from the rest of the galaxy with an impenetrable force field.[citation needed]

When a nearby star went nova, ensuing radiation gave sentience to the robot stewards, who quickly chafed at the illogical of the humanoids, or "Loonies." Seeking to end their servitude, the robots used genetic engineering to give intelligence and awareness to the animals better known as Halfworlders that had been left as companions for the patients. They charged the animals with the patients' care and protection, then relocated to the far side of the planet, which they proceeded to strip bare through industrial endeavors, one of which was construction of a vast, humanoid spacecraft called Ship. The half-industrial, half-verdant planet became known as "Halfworld."[citation needed]

Powers and Abilities


  • Most of the humanoid race suffer from a form of insanity.


Level of Technology

The technology on Halfworld is highly advanced due to the fact it was built by robots. Whether or not the departure of the robotic life forms has an impact on future technological advancements remains to be seen.


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