Quote1 Doc -- the lining on my hood needs adjusting Quote2
-- Shroud src

Shroud was one of the several mystically-oriented superheroes in the Marble Universe. Like his peers, he was in good terms with mystical master Doctor Deranged, whom he called "Doc."[1]

Like many other superheroes, Shroud was attracted to the Offengers Mansion, which was being the site of a major battle between the Offengers, and associated teams, versus the X-Persons, and associated teams. The battle escalated as an all-out fight, during which Scaredevil accidentally elbowed Shroud in the face; Scaredevil soon claimed to have not seen Shroud.[2]

Soon afterward, Shroud went to visit Doctor Deranged at secret, unsuspected sanctum sancyouverymuch of Doctor Deranged|his secret, unsuspected sanctum sancyouverymuch. Shroud needed someone to adjust the lining on his hood. However, at that point Deranged was overwhelmed by the many requests of several other superheroes, and the Doctor escaped.[1]

Shroud was later seen at Bud's Sud, the pub frequented by heroes and villains after work time. Shroud ordered a light beer but, as soon as he said that he wanted a "light," three light-powered super-beings (Fizzler, Motorola and the Lightmaster) ran to illuminate Shroud.[3]


Shroud seems to be a mystically-oriented superhero,[1] with the ability to see even with his hood covering his eyes.[3]


Shroud is not as a capable fighter as Scaredevil; Scaredevil managed to hit Shroud without even trying.[2]


He wears a hood with adjustable lining. This hood apparently covers his eyes completely, not allowing him to see.[1]

This character is never identified by name in any of his appearances. The article assumes he shares name with his Earth-616 counterpart, although most characters in Earth-9047 have some kind of pun in their names.

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