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When Shu-Hu refused to throw a fight so that Phineas Randall's son, Orson, could become the Iron Fist, Yu-Ti replaced him with a mechanical being that would comply.[1] The android went on to face all future competitors who would be Iron Fist during the challenge of the one, including Danny Rand. It was soon after defeated in this fight and revealed to be an android.[2]

It's body was taken out of K'un-Lun since technology was not allowed and thrown into a deep crevice. There, it bonded to the dormant body of Wendell Rand and took his head. It then absorbed his memories and believed itself to be Wendell and became obsessed with resurrecting Heather Rand, Wendell's wife.[3]

First, he got revenge on K'un Lun for abandoning him. He burns down the city and kills many including the Yu-Ti and an incarnation of Shou-Lao. When Iron Fist discovered this, he went after The One and discovered it wore his father's face and had also stolen the faces of Thunderer and Harold Meachum. The One used his rage to distract him and shattered his wrists. He then attempted to integrate Danny, but Danny was saved by an avalanche.[4] After this, he set out to kill the last incarnation of Shou Lao, which was with a girl named Pei and use it's energy to power the Randall Gate to open a portal to the Feng-Tu to get Heather's soul. While he battled and nearly killed Iron Fist, his assistant, Steel Serpent killed it. However, the plan failed and the Xian god of fire, Zhu Rong arrived, claiming they had upset the cosmic balance and that the whole city would be destroyed in retribution. He then destroyed The One and proceeded to began destroying the city. Iron Fist then bonded to The One as both were dying and since it had wired itself into Rand Tower, the whole tower came to life. Unfortunately, even this was not enough to defeat Zhu Rong, so The One gave up it's chi and soul to power Danny so that he could use all his chi at once and fly through Zhu Rong, killing the god.[5]

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