Shu-Hu was the runner-up in the tournament where Quan Yaozu became the first Iron Fist and went on to defeat Shou-Lao the Undying. Shu-Hu was then charged with becoming The One, the final challenge which all who wished to become Iron Fist must pass.

When Phineas Randall's transglobal airship crashed into K'un-Lun, Yu-Ti became enamored with the outworlder and asked Shu-Hu to allow Phineas' son, Orson, to defeat him and become the next Iron Fist. Shu-Hu refused and left K'un-Lun, but was secretly replaced with a mechanical impostor that would comply with the Yu-Ti's wishes.[2]

Shu-Hu was joined by others opposed to K'un-Lun's growing corruption and together opened seven houses of martial arts on the isle of Liu-Shi where they trained for a century, plotting to one day defeat the Iron Fist and reclaim their home.[3]

Under the alias of the Divine Wolf of the House of the Wolf, and as a member of the Council of Liu-Shi, Shu-Hu then had Choshin of the House of the Bull lure Danny Rand to Liu-Shi for a tournament where he planned to defeat the outworlder and claim the chi absorbed from Shou-Lao to facilitate his return to K'un-Lun as a conqueror;[1] however, Danny Rand eventually defeated him in combat.[2]


  • Chi Manipulation: Shu-Hu can channel mystical chi in order to increase his striking capabilities.[2]
  • Advanced Longevity: Shu-Hu has manipulated chi in order to slow his aging process, allowing him to have trained for over a century, yet remain in his physical prime.[2]


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