Quote1 Shu-Tan was a poor farmer's son. He never attended school or learned to read, but he possessed the gift of words. When he spoke they reverberated in your soul. Not just because the words were true. But because they promised something as yet unseen. A better world. You were loved brother. We are all poorer now... Quote2
-- Xorn src

Little is known about Shu-Tan. He was born a "poor farmer's son". Shu-Tan was also unschooled and illiterate.[1]

After have been exposed to the Source alongside with Xorn and Zorn, Shu-Tan became Oracle and joined Xorn's Celestials.[2]

Shu-Tan became the voice of the People of the twin Heavenly Cities of Tu'an.After The Ultimates arrived at Tu'an asking for help in a conflict against the Children of Tomorrow, Xorn ordered Oracle to create a tentative dialogue with The Maker of the Children of Tomorrow. As a result, Oracle was telepathically killed by the Children of Tomorrow's City. Oracle's death sparked a war between the Children and the People.[1]


Communitarian Empathy Generation: City called Shu-Tan a "divergent omnipath", and received his message as a "omnipresent communication". He has shown the ability to connect to every people on the planet and project to them his face and voice. He is also been able to pass through the City fire-wall. However, he was not able to protect himself from a possession on his frequency mind-emitting, and was killed by the City.[citation needed]

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