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'''Real Name:''' Shuma-Gorath <br>
'''Nicknames:''' No known nicknames <br>
'''Former Aliases:''' He Who Sleeps But Shall Awake, Chtma-Gorath <br>
'''Other Current Aliases:''' No other known current aliases <br>
'''Occupation:''' Lord of Chaos, Master of the Old Ones, Ruler of a hundred dimensions <br>
'''Legal Status:''' Legal status unknown <br>
'''Identity:''' Existence unknown to the general public<br>
'''Marital Status:''' Marital status unknown <br>
'''Group Affiliation:''' Old Ones <br>
'''Base of Operations:''' Presumably his native realm <br>
Ancient and powerful Class Three (extradimensional) demon. <br>
'''Place of Birth:''' Presumably his native realm <br>
'''Known Relatives:''' No known relatives <br>
'''First Appearance:''' Marvel Premiere #5 <br>
Shuma Gorath is a powerful extradimensional demon. He is one of the "Old Ones" who came to Earth untold millions of years ago, ruling it and feasting on mankind's ancestors.
The time traveling sorceror [[Sise-Neg]] banished the Old Ones. However, Shuma returned to Earth and ruled during the Hyborian Age in what would become Cimmeria, fed by blood sacrifice. Over 21,000 years ago, the hewly risen god [[Crom]] led a shaman to three iron-bound books of magic with which the shaman imprisoned Shuma in what became Mount Crom.
Around 10,000 B.C. the newly wed sorcerors [[Kulan Gath]] and Vammatar sought to release and enslave the demon, but failed after betraying each other. A century later, Shuma-Gorath was indeed unleashed by the two sorcerors and others, but the barbarian Conan used the books to banish the demon from Earth.
In the modern era, Shuma attempted to be reborn on Earth through the mind of the [[Ancient One]] via his agents [[Nightmare]], Sligguth, Ebora, N'Gabtroth, Dagoth, Kathulos and Living Buddha. Unable to stop the demon, Dr. Strange instead slew the Ancient One, banishing Shuma back to his realm while allowing the Ancient One to become one with the universe.
Strange's near-destruction of his many talisman's and scrolls in battle against the alien sorceror Urthona collapsed the barriers imprisoning the Old Ones, allowing Shuma to gain a foothold on Earth. Forced to use black magic to oppose Shuma's agents-such as Erlik Khan, Ghaszazsh Nyirh, and a water elemental-Strange ultimately merged with Shuma and then impaled himself. This temporarily destroyed Shuma, but Strange suffered the consequences of his dark actions for some time. Shuma-Gorath has presumably reformed and is waiting for the right time to attack Earth once again.
'''Height:''' Variable <br>
'''Weight:''' Variable <br>
'''Eyes:''' Variable <br>
'''Hair:''' No hair <br>
'''Skin:''' Shuma's skin is both tough yet pliable. <br>
'''Known Powers:''' In his native dimension, Shuma-Gorath is virtually omnipotent. He generates his own mystical power, but also draws energy, mystical or otherwise, from others. Shuma-Gorath can release destructive blasts and can manipulate energy on a planetary scale.
He can communicate telepathically and control others, even across dimensions.
Shuma's physical characteristics vary greatly and his true form is uncertain; he usually takes the form of a single eyed tentacled beast.
Though Shuma can be harmed by powerful assualts, he can eventually reform from seeming destruction, and it may be impossible to destroy him permanently.
Shuma is invoked for dark power by many beings across dimensions.
'''Known Abilities:''' No known abilities. <br>
'''Strength Level:''' Strength level unknown <br>
'''Equipment:''' No known equipment. <br>
'''Transportation:''' No known transportation, save his own magical power. <br>
'''Weapons:''' No known weapons. <br>
* Name created by Robert E. Howard; created/adapted by Steve Englehart and Frank Brunner.
* Shuma-Gorath is a playable character in Capcom's "Marvel Superheroes"
==Recommended Readings==
* Marvel Premiere #5 (1972)
* Marvel Premiere #14, 1974
* Conan the Barbarian #252-260, 1992
* Marvel Premiere #3-10, 1972-1973
* Dr. Strange #81, 1987
* Strange Tales #1-14, 1987-1988
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