Shumballa was warrior of the Kezanki. Her people dedicated their best warriors to protect the Horn of Azoth, (a key component for those who wished to awaken the dreaded god Azoth).

Herself was the leader of the guards of the Temple of Ibis, who protected Rammon and his son Rammon, whose family protected the Eye of Ibis, another key component to Azoth's return.

When the elder Rammon was killed by Conan (who had been hired to steal the Eye by the worshipers of Azoth), Shumballa asked the young Rammon to stay, and went herself on the trail of the barbarian. She put Rammon in the care of Amboola, but the boy quickly escaped and followed her.

The three eventually arrived at the saame spot, but Rammon, who knew Conan was now opposing the worshippers of Azoth, prevented Shumballa from killing Conan.

The trio was joined by another of Shumballa's people, Dahomi. They infiltrated the temple, where Dahomi was killed by a trap, and interrupted the ceremony. Azoth briefly returned but was destroyed as Conan tore his horn apart, causing the god to fall and cause a cliff to collapse. Shumballa was killed in the fall.[1]


Shamballa was among the finest warriors of her people.[1]

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