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The Challenge

When T'Challa fell, the Maestro announced his victory by literally stealing the lands of Wakanda during an event known as The Banishment. Much of Wakanda seemed lost to the whims of Maestro, whole tribes disconnected and lands barriered off by the strange power of Battleworld. It fell to Shuri to become the new Queen, but the traditional coronation was impossible as not all royal bloodlines were able to challenge or decline the throne. Shuri assured her people that when the Tribes were once again reunited that the Ceremony would indeed take place. That time has yet to come.[1]

The New Traditions

Shuri has beyond a genius level intellect and has been the leading charge of many technological leaps for Wakanda. However, there are those who worry that Shuri's constant move to improve may abandon many traditions. To link the past and the present Shuri came up with a new way to show that her vision for the future is approved by those who came before her. While traversing to the Ancestral Plane, Shuri utilized an advanced mind-scanning tech to allow the citizens of the Kingdom of Wakanda to see what she saw. This provided indisputable proof that not only were the Kings of old still watching over them, but that their guidance and approval rested with the new Queen.[1]

The Pride of the Panther

The lands and people of the Kingdom of Wakanda have been threatened in ways they have never seen before. This calls for a new way to protect themselves. The power of the Black Panther could no longer be kept to one leader, with fears that a singular Panther could be lost. Under the direction of Queen Shuri, all the Dora Milaje were given the abilities and suits under the mantle of the Black Panther. Many of the new Panthers taking iconography of lost tribes to ensure their memories stay in the minds of the Kingdom.[1]

The Reclamation

When Wakanda was at the height of its powers, it used its network of spies and warriors to assist every territory they could reach. The riches of Vibranium and technology were given freely, knowing that every ally made would be protection in the future. Now, in their darkest hour, they look to their allies to make good on those favors. Many rush to the support of their fallen and scattered friends, while some have remained silent and still.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Heart-Shaped Herb grants Shuri:


  • Genius level intellect
  • Ability to commune with Ancestral Plane



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