Shurk was born from Jaffan, the capital city of Trans-Sabal.

His father was the newspaper editor there, until he wrote editorials against Farnoq Dahn. From then, one day, he and his newspaper vanished. Shurk's mother raised a fuss with the local police, but was herself held for questioning (which included beatings and possibly worse torments) for a week. She eventually committed suicide a year after her husband's disappearance.

When word around that the Pantheon was going to invade the country to liberate it, Shurk felt he had to join them[2] and the rebellion they assisted,[1] the People's Armed Forces Front.[3]

When Rick Jones was trying to understand the whole meaning of the conflict in Trans-Sabal (after having found his opponents equipped with S.H.I.E.L.D.-issued Mandroid Armors), he went to discuss with Shurk who presented him his life under Farnoq and the reasons of why he fought.

In the following battle with the Trans-Sabalian Army in the Sendara Pass, just outside Jaffan, he was killed and died in Rick Jones' arms.[2]



Automatic rifle.[2]

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