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The Cyber-Ninjas were sent by the Kingpin to intercept the X-Men whom were in Hong Kong to prevent anyone from getting Fu Manchu's immortality Elixir Vitae. They fought Shang-Chi and the X-Men, but were defeated in battle.[1]

Along with 14 other terrorist organizations, the Cyber-Ninjas later targeted the Taskmaster to collect the billion-dollar bounty that was put on his head. They were slain along with the other bounty hunters when making the attempt on the bounty.[2]

The Cyber-Ninjas then joined the "Minions' International Liberation Front" (MILF) and once again went after the Taskmaster who was at an abandoned SHIELD base. All of the attackers were either killed or were forced to flee.[3]


Equipment: Cybernetics
Weapons: Cybernetic weapons (e.g. superhuman strength, energy blasts, and an energy field to ensnare)

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