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The Siancong War, also known as the Sin-Cong Conflict, was a war that occurred in Siancong and stretched on for several decades as several Asian crime barons manipulated and extended the conflict.[1]


With the end of the Vietnam War, the European powers were driven out of the neighboring countries, but an interest in Siancong rose as multiple countries fought to lay claim to the country's mysterious energy source known as the "Dragon Breath", marking the beginning of the War. The United States of America's armed forces played an especially notable role in the war, and several Marines, Air Force pilots, and scientific allies who would go on to become heroes and vigilantes in the Heroic Age took part.[1][2][3]

Eventually, Lady Lotus sought to end the war and instructed her sons, who belonged to opposite sides, to each get their side to attend a peace meeting in Madripoor. The peace talks lasted for weeks, and as they were finally heading somewhere, they were interrupted by a confrontation between the Titanic Three and the American heroes, resulting in 42 deaths, among them Lotus' two sons. Devastated, she tapped into more power than ever before and made every foreigner leave the country with no memory of what they were fighting for, effectively ending the war once and for all.[4]



  • Before the Siancong Conflict eventually made it to print in History of the Marvel Universe, Busiek and Waid had planned to implement it during the former's run in Iron Man (Vol. 3).[5]

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